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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Asm Green calls for Dem City Committee meeting on Friday

Making good on his promise to hold more frequent meetings, Plainfield Democratic City Committee chairperson Assemblyman Jerry Green has set a committee meeting for Friday, March 11

With the decennial redistricting process well under way and the primary election season gearing up, the Committee is expected to discuss both topics, as well as filling committee vacancies.

As for redistricting, the legislative map is currently being worked out and must be agreed to and filed with the state by April 4, in anticipation of the April 11 filing date for legislative candidates, including Assemblyman Green.

Redrawing the lines for Plainfield's four wards will be taken up subsequently by the statutorily-mandated Board of Ward Commissioners (the County Board of Elections plus the Municipal Clerk), and after that is finished, local voting district lines will be redrawn.

Dennis Kobitz, the county's election administrator, explained the particulars of the three-level redistricting at Monday's Council meeting (see my notes here).

Guests are always welcome, though the privilege of the floor is reserved to committee members and those who are given permission to speak by Chairperson Green in advance of the meeting.

Plainfield Democratic City Committee
Friday · March 11 · 7:00 PM

HeardOne Complex
210 Church Street
(Across from Union County College, parking on the street)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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