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Monday, March 14, 2011

WBLS Affair: Who gave that $15,000?

The WBLS affair is back in the air -- again -- with recent posts by Bernice (see here) and Olddoc
(see here).

My gridge? Tippy-toeing around the question of the source of the $15,000 'donation' that Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs says was made toward the $20,000 expense of having WBLS broadcast last summer's town hall meeting.

Word in the street for months has been that the 'donor' was Investor's Savings Bank, which happens to be one of the city's depositories (and which increased its deposits when other banks backed out of holding municipal deposits).

Time for Mayor Robinson-Briggs to own up. Was it Investor's Savings Bank? And if not, who was it?

And if it was, why try to keep it from the public's knowledge?

Surely, the state has banking regulations that do not allow banks to make 'anonymous' contributions?

Just where did that $15,000 come from, and what was the reason the donor gave it, if they didn't think it was for the WBLS broadcast.

Let's let some sunshine in here, since it's Sunshine Week.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I hope this situation doesn't get swept under the rug like so many of Shady Sharon's underhanded escapades. First or all, what she did was very unethical and illegal and she should be punished. Second, it doesn't matter that $15,000 was paid back, no one should have tried to cover Sharon's butt. I and many other voters are tired of Sharon's shady dealing with city money, and I dor one don't trust her. Let's get her dirt out in the open and find out what other illegal and unethical acts she's hiding.

Rob said...

and the comedy continues....

Anonymous said...

Heck with the money - get rid of the genius who thought going on the air with Al Sharpton no less was a good idea.

Anonymous said...

During the live broadcast Gary Byrd thanked Investors Savings Bank for sponsoring the Town Hall meeting. If you listen to the broadcast, its on the record unless it gets mysteriously erased.

Anonymous said...

You might have to go back a long ways but I know there is a Resolution on the books before concerning acceptance of a gift of some type. It was a small item but never-the-less presented before council.

When the City accepts a gift it is suppose to go back into the general fund and cannot be directly deposited into a specific budget or line item.

Anonymous said...

@4:20 that is in line with GAAP. The Mayor can't accept a gift and then "direct" it to pay for something that was a controversial payment to begin with. Send a letter to the AG, they are ready to investigate these types of crimes.
25 Market Street - PO Box 080
Trenton, NJ 08625

I just sent one regarding several PMUA payments to a city landscaper for a church property.