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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Violence picks up in Plainfield following 4th homicide, gun summit

Following Plainfield's fourth homicide of 2011, violence has picked up across the city on Thursday.

A reader reports gunfire with a man wounded on Johnston Avenue, near North Avenue, at 12:20 AM Thursday morning. Police arrived very quickly, as did an ambulance and the wounded man was transported to hospital, as police took to searching the neighborhood.

This shooting came just hours after a summit on gun violence and how to deal with it was held at First-Park Baptist Church on Wednesday evening.

The summit, organized by Shiloh Baptist Church's pastor, the Rev. Dr. Gerald Lamont Thomas, drew a crowd of about 150, including religious leaders, elected officials and community activists, as well as Assemblyman Jerry Green, Council President Annie McWilliams and Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow. Plans are in the works for a followup to further organize a response to gunplay in the community, according to Councilors Adrian Mapp and Rebecca Williams, who were also in attendance.

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs was noted by her absence, as well as Public Safety Director Martin Hellwig, and Councilors Bill Reid, Bridget Rivers and Vera Greaves.

The violence continued Thursday evening with reports of the following incidents, all before 11:00 PM --

  • FIGHTS and report of a person with a gun at Netherwood Village on East Front Street;

  • Male arrested for GUN POSSESSION, carrying two guns in the George Street/Garfield Avenue area;

  • SHOTS FIRED at Liberty and West 3rd Streets, with callers reporting upwards of 20 shots heard; one bullet went into a home.
With Mayor Robinson-Briggs showing little recent interest in the hard work of developing a plan to attack the continuing gun violence, we can only be thankful that Pastor Thomas organized the summit and is willing to take the lead in mobilizing the community.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

The Mayor and her cheerleading squad were probably passing out flyers or posting them on cars. That, or arranging for another $20,000 P.R. gig for herself.
It's gonna be a long hot summer....shot me down, bang bang..( thank you Cher )

Bob said...

It's sad that our mayor and her lackeys on the city council weren't at the meeting. I know I sound like a broken record, but let's recall Sharon and be done with her and that will be the start of doing something good Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

Your a hoot Dan. Bias to the max!

You mentioned 6 out of 7 Council Persons.

Hmmm, which one is missing, Oh yeah, Cory Storch.

Now I wonder which of your categories he falls into.

Is it door number one: Attendees ? or might it be door number 2: Absentees ?

Based on your casual lack of mentioning your 'show up late, leave early' friend Cory I will assume it's door 2.


Anonymous said...

Sorry excuse for a mayor -Sharon RobinsonBriggs did not show up because it was regarding "shootings" not a "photo shoot".

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable Sharon and minions weren't there. Was the Public Safety Director ordered to stay away?

Anonymous said...

So, the very people who say they are concerned about the children were not there.

I am really tired of hearing how people of certain wards could care less about Plainfield, its children and the city's safety. It appears to me that people of certain wards are not being served very well by their elected officials.