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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crybabies Alert: PMUA commissioners meeting rescheduled

Perhaps the Commissioners would prefer modern dress to the traditional toga?

An alert to the PMUA 'crybabies': The Plainfield
Municipal Utilities Authority's commissioner's meeting slated for Tuesday, March 8, was abruptly rescheduled in a legal notice dated March 7, which appeared over the signature of Executive Director Eric Watson.

To all those 'crybabies' out there (Chairperson Harold Mitchell's term for ratepayers who challenge the status quo), please be advised the meeting will be held instead on Tuesday, March 15.

No reason was given for the change of date, though it can be noted that it followed on the heels of the surprise announcement of the intentions of ED Eric Watson and Deputy ED David Ervin to step down (CFO James Perry is taking retirement, effective in September). Was the change connected to Watson and Ervin's announcement, or simply another example of a date shuffle which has happened in the past, leading critics to wonder if the moves are designed to discourage attendance by ratepayers.

A little history note to the Commissioners: March 15 is Idus Martii, the Ides of March, a famously unlucky meeting day for Julius Caesar.

PMUA Board of Commissioners Meeting
Tuesday · March 15 · 6:00 PM

PMUA Headquarters
127 Roosevelt Avenue (corner of East 2nd Street)
Parking in the Authority lot or on the street

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Ari said...

Thanks for the update. As one of the CRYBABIES, my eyes were swollen from crying and I hadn't seen the notice. Too bad they are no longer sending flowers out because getting some roses would surely cheer up this crybaby! Hopefully, someday there will be nothing left to cry about!

Anonymous said...

I'm crying tears all over this letter I'm drafting to the AG's office.

Thank you Mitchell for adding insult to only strengthens residents' resolve.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:24 Can't wait to read about this one on the AG's website! - You big CRYBABY!