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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gallon gone again: Forced off Arizona project

Former Plainfield schools superintendent Steve Gallon III, who left town under a cloud is gone again.

This time from a consulting gig for the Tucson Unified School District in Arizona.

Mark Spivey reported in the Courier on Friday that locals had picked up on incidents around Gallon's tenure in Plainfield (see here) as he was being considered to head a team evaluating the Tucson district's Mexican-American studies program.

As of Saturday, Gallon was gone, forced out by the intense scrutiny of the local media and blogging community.

KGUN, ABC's Tucson affiliate reported late Saturday afternoon (see here) that the Arizona Department of Education was continuing to work with the Cambium Learning Group after being assured that Gallon is 'no longer working on the Arizona Audit Team'.

Meanwhile, David Safier, at Blog for Arizona, posts the state agency's statement on the matter on the blog (see here).

The story was also picked up by the Arizona Daily Star (see here), which reported Cambium saying that it had put Gallon through a background check 'and no red flags popped up'. Evidently, Cambium, unlike Tucson activists, was unaware of the existence of Google.

While Cambium, a publicly traded company and nationally recognized consultancy (see here) was busy backing away from any involvement by Gallon in the project, it introduce the name of yet another consultancy group -- National Academic Educational Partners (see here) -- with which Cambium said Gallon is also no longer associated.

Not only is Gallon off the panel, which is controversial in itself as part of an effort by conservatives in the state to thwart Tucson's multi-ethnic studies program, it appears he has been disinvited from Cambium's 2011 Best Practices conference, slated for Tucson's Ventana Canyon Hotel (nice digs, my sister got married there!).

Cambium's brochure for that event features Gallon leading a half-day workshop titled 'Leading Successful School Turnaround and Transformation', about which Cambium says --

Gallon provides an overview of the key processes and elements to planning, implementing, and leading a successful school turnaround and transformation. Participants will learn about effective approaches and strategies that improve student learning and achievement, including, but not limited to, creating a culture of excellence, using data to drive instruction, and engaging parents and community stakeholders. Practical, proven, research-based techniques will be provided by one who has successfully led school turnaround and transformation as a principal and district leader.
Except, it seems, that Gallon will not be there. (The brochure was still up Saturday night, see here, PDF).

Which just goes to show things in the Internet age are certainly not like they used to be.

One's past now goes everywhere with them, whether or not one's employers use Google.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


Please note:

First, let me express my regret that this matter, which was favorably resolved, has been mischaracterized by the blogger post shared with me this morning. In no shape, form, or fashion would I want to besmirch the work and reputation of Cambium Learning and National Academic Educational Partners.

However, I appreciate the opportunity to provide supporting documentation regarding this matter, which resulted in an accusation in which no formal charges or indictment were ever issued (it never went to a grand jury), and in which my position and statement of not guilty was accepted, placed, and remains on the official record.

Additionally, I have been in communication with both the State and district officials in Arizona on behalf of the team regarding this project. They are eager, excited, and encouraged based on our initial interactions.

Despite the fact that I was not charged or found guilty in any of these matters, in the interest of the success of this project and the forging of future relationships with the State of Arizona, I am recusing myself from any further considerationn or involvement in this project in hopes of not further compromising both the work and relationship in Arizona.

I hope that the information provided as well as further documentation that will be forthcoming, will enable further, factual clarification to be made. Please advise if you need any additional information. Again, please accept and express my regret to the Cambium Team regarding this unfortunate misrepresentation of these matters by a blogger and/or the media.

Anonymous said...

Dan, was he forced off or are those your words?

None of the information make it clear whether he pulled or was pulled.

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

@ 3:05: What did I say?: 'forced out by the intense scrutiny of the local media and the blogging community'.

You can also read the Arizona Star article which says "Gallon voluntarily removed himself from the team after the company said it would review his selection." see:

Forced out.

You say po-tah-to, I say po-tay-to.

(comment deleted and reposted because I left our URL of Star article.)

Dan said...

@ 10:56 AM -- Am I correct in guessing this post is by Steve Gallon?

Sorry it took so long to get put up; it ended up in Blogger's 'spam box' by some accident and I posted it as soon as I discovered it.

That being said, my point is that regardless of whether you got PTI or a trial, this is the Internet age and this will follow you for a very long time, if not forever.

That's just the way the mop flops is all I can say.