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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Census 2010: Map confirms Census hunches, with surprises

Screen shot of Plainfield from Gannett's Census data page.
Although Plainfield's census data does not appear to be online yet**, Gannett has a nationwide map with some revealing information (see screen shot above) that confirms a Census hunch -- and packs something a surprise.

Though there is no date on the Gannett census page (see here), today is the first I have noticed it.

Zooming in on Plainfield, it is quite evident that the areas of population growth are highest north of a line generally running along 7th Street. Much of that increase is in the Fourth Ward and is in two ranges: 5-15%, and a section west of Grant Avenue between 7th Street and Front Street that falls in the 15-50% range.

The First Ward also shows population growth, though less dramatic. The heaviest pattern is from the Central Business District east to Berckman Street and from Front to Seventh Street, with a band between George and South Avenue running all the way to Leland (5-15%). There is more modest (1-5%) growth in the rest of the First Ward, with a decrease (2-10%) in the far eastern portion from Leland to Terrill.

The Second Ward registers an overall DECLINE in population of 2-10%, except for a wedge bounded by East 7th, Woodland, Evergreen and Park that shows a modest increase of 1-5%.

The Third Ward shows an overall
DECLINE in population of 2-10%, except for a rectangular area that appears to be centered in the Library area, approximately from Park to Central and 7th to Stelle.

Both the Second and Third Ward declines are something of a surprise to me. Venturing another hunch, I am guessing that the bulk of the sections with growth is due to our Hispanic population. Are we looking at the possibility that the 4th Ward may become Plainfield's first Hispanic-majority ward?

It will certainly be interesting to get to see the final data when it becomes available.

**The map is designed to open data which has been posted with a click; no Plainfield data is available yet.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

As a newer resident of Plainfield and this being a 10yr period for comparison do you think the decline is because more people have converted from multi to single and restored their home such as we are in the process of doing now? Or is the decline based on our economic times, as I live in the 2nd ward and there are foreclosures and empty properties throughout waiting for new owners?