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Monday, March 11, 2013

Robinson-Briggs campaign running on fumes?

Candidate ponders fundraising strategies.
With the filing at last of Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' campaign committee's final report for 2012, a picture emerges of a candidate struggling to get traction in fundraising for her 2013 run for re-election.

The report, due on January 15, was finally clocked in at the ELEC offices on March 4 (see reports on their website here).

After having shown total contributions of 22¢ (that's right, C-E-N-T-S) in the preceding quarter, Robinson-Briggs indicates receipts of $4,977.20 for the final quarter of 2012, all of which she swears was in amounts of $300 or less.

After expenditures of $5,210.00, she was left with a balance of $183.65 as she barreled into the 2013 campaign season.

Among the expenses are reimbursement to Robinson-Briggs herself for $2,260, her treasurer for $560 and Peter Briggs for $105, all for a fundraiser and accounting for more than half the quarter's disbursements. (In a curious item, a check was issued for $700 to a local eatery/internet cafe for 'consultation services' with no further description.)

The report does not include funds -- if any -- raised by her Valentine's Day fundraiser at Faraone's (see my post here, and here) or the February 28 bash at Hugo's on Church Street. These will appear in the next report, due to be filed April 1.

What emerges is a picture of a campaign running on fumes.

Will Robinson-Briggs' strategy of winning the hearts and minds of Plainfielders barstool-by-barstool pan out?

Stay tuned.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

she doesn't need $ .. she's got the magic letter "D" in front of her name.. you'll support her if she gets through the primary

Bob said...

Our soon to be ex-mayor has spent nearly eight years showing the citizens of Plainfield why she should not be in any office. If she ends up working for the county or in some other office, I think we need to scream to high heaven about crooked politics and politicians in Union County. If Sharon couldn't do a good job here, then why think she can do a good job elsewhere. Good luck Sharon, you'll need it.

Anonymous said...

Her campaign report is just like her administration - sloppy and non-readable.