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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sharon leaves trail of misinformation behind at Staple's

Horses must be swept up behind in civilized areas.

Like a horse that needs sweeping up behind after a parade, Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs left a trail of literature behind her after a copying party at a local Staples, as a Plainfield Today reader discovered when they went to use a machine.

At the risk of boosting her campaign, I have posted the complete ensemble (see documents embedded below).

Sadly, Sharon stoops to slinging mud when she lies about Councilor Williams and Plainfield's veterans. (Councilor Williams has posted her own reply to this attack, see here.)

On the other hand, finding the information being copied at Staples is probably a decent indication that the infamous Rec Division copier is not being used this time around. Saving you some tax dollars, but hardly a reason to vote for Sharon.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

The taxpayers will wind up paying for this, just like we paid for her lawyer. Remember that? Either pay for her lawyer - which she choose to employ obviously never intending to pay for their services - or put the taxpayers in jeopardy and run the risk that the lawyer's firm will sue the city. Great mayor, always thinking of Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should put a few more posters down at Hugo's Lounge that where all her voters are..NOT!

Blackdog said...

If forced to chose between the two, Sharon and Mapp, Sharon has got my vote. But wait until after the primary and see who else is gonna throw their hat into the ring!

Bob said...

Why should we expect more from someone who has always given less. She doesn't care about the people of Plainfield. If she did people who call her office or email her might get an answer. Good riddence to bad rubbish!

Yep I Said It!!! said...

@Blackdog- what a shame! The only way you would vote for Sharon is if you are FORCED to do so. Guess what Blackdog? We people here in America live in a Democracy. No one can legally FORCE you to vote for anybody. So- when you enter that booth, close that curtain and MAKE THE DECISION to push the button to vote for Sharon it is because that is your choice.

Possibly and more than likely, It appears that you just don't like Mapp. And you don't like Sharon for her "Honribble" 8 years as the Mayor of Plainfield. Yet you would put Sharon back in office just so she could continue her destruction of this "once-beautiful-and-affluent-and-can-be-again" city of Plainfield.
And- I will add, if you believe a Republican will win the Mayoral race in Plainfield, in the General Election...especially today with all of the NEGATIVE BRANDING of the RePUGnicans going on across America ...You my little black puppy are in for a rude awakening.

Perhaps you could use some Voter Education, a pooper scooper and a wee wee training pad.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dan you rascal

Anonymous said...

Her literature makes it seem like she created heaven and earth!