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Friday, March 29, 2013

Board of Ed passes 2013-14 budget

An excellent overview of budget highlights was presented.
In an exceedingly undramatic evening, the Plainfield Board of Ed passed its 2013-14 budget Tuesday evening.

With just myself and two staffers in the cavernous 1300-seat PHS Auditorium, Board Secretary and Business Administrator Gary Ottman stepped to the lectern and went through a PowerPoint presentation of highlights of the proposed budget for the benefit of the Board and the 'public'. (That excellent presentation has been posted online at the District's website, see here).

The District's 25-page 'user-friendly' budget is also online (see here).

One of the few questions raised by board members concerned the debt service payments. As explained by Mr. Ottman, this is the payoff of the 1996 bond issue passed by the voters that led to the building of the Washington Community School.

The payout is structured similar to similar to a home mortgage, as Ottman explained, with the interest making up a decreasing percentage of the total regular payments as time passes.

My only quibble with the presentation is that the public would be better served by being given the MEDIAN where salaries are given (rather than the AVERAGE, as the document does), since medians give a more realistic picture of how salaries really stack up.

I was amazed that with a total budget of over $176 million, there were no other members of the public in attendance. (I wonder if the Board was amazed too.)

Per pupil cost compares favorably with the state average,
which is $18,000 per Superintendent Anna Belin Pyles.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I sure wish I could see how all this money is helping our students. We are graduating students who are as dumb as a stump. When will our teachers and administrators be evaluated and things improve for our students.

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: did you check the superintendent's assertion that the average per pupil cost is $18,000? Or would you please tell me how to check>