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Monday, March 4, 2013

Dan makes a correction and an apology

Young John Campbell's party affiliation, according to the latest
Union County voter rolls.
Back in December, Plainfield Today speculated on the import of a back-room meeting of Sen. Ray Lesniak, Assemblyman Jerry Green, and members of Plainfield's GOP elite Campbell family (see story here) at Lesniak's annual Christmas Party.

The back-room meeting evidently took Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs completely by surprise and set folks to speculating about what kind of a deal was being crafted between Plainfield's perennially wily pol Green and his opposite number in the local GOP, 'Kingmaker' John Campbell, Sr. That was the nub of my post.

All the ingredients of a juicy story were there: the power brokers (including Wilma Campbell, who is now president of the Board of Ed), and John Campbell fils, young, charming and intelligent, but inexperienced in things political. Oh, yes, and Mayor Robinson-Briggs, adding a sort of faded All About Eve aura as the star whose sun is setting.

And the cherry on the banana split? My sources told me that young John Campbell had changed his party registration to Democrat. That, of course, would fuel speculation of a political move of some sort -- maybe elected office, maybe a politically connected job?

Alas, young John has not changed his party registration, as the latest voter list from Union County Clerk Joann Rajopi shows (see screenshot at top of story). Young John Campbell is a registered Republican.

I stand corrected on his party registration and apologize for any embarrassment caused to either Republicans or Democrats.

Young John Campbell is NOT a Democrat ... as of this date.

What the future has in store -- for young John and for the rest of us -- will be revealed in due course.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Yep I Said It!!! said...

Sharon Robinson Briggs was a Republican before she became a Democratic Mayoral Candidate. I wouldn't put anything past Old Slimey Jerry Green. Nothing!