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Thursday, March 28, 2013

BREAKING: Ward 2 shootings overnight Wednesday


Berckman Street area site of double incident.

Word comes of shooting incidents overnight Wednesday in the 2nd Ward.

Sometime after midnight, Berckman Street was the site of two gunplay incidents: Shots were fired neared the intersection with East 7th Street, striking the back of a home on East 6th Street and activating the ShotSpotter system. No one in the home was injured.

As part of the same incident, shots were fired at a group of people gathered at the corner of East 6th and Berckman. It is not clear if anyone was injured, but a male suspect was reported to have fled the scene.

This area of Berckman Street has been the focus of gang-related activity in the past, including shootings. More as details emerge.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

was this why a helicopter landed somewhere south of prospect somewhere near park?

Ron said...

I definitely heard a helicopter somewhere around midnight and 1230 and my first thought was they must have been medevacing somebody

Anonymous said...

Hey Marty,
Sounds like your brandy new re-elect Sharon units making a big difference

Dan said...

Re the helicopter: there was one but it had nothing to do with the shooting incident(s).

Am told a high-speed chase by Piscatway PD that spilled into Plainfield led to a woman jumping or being pushed from the car being chased, resulting in serious injuries. Don't know any more than that.