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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jerry Green responds to a Plainfield Today commenter

Assemblyman Green spoke at Councilor Mapp's recent 'friendraiser'.
Assemblyman Jerry Green has responded to a Plainfield Today reader's comment on last Monday's post of the video of the Assemblyman's remarks at Councilor Mapp's recent 'friendraiser' event (see the video, the comment and the Assemblyman's response here).

As happens from time to time, I had fallen behind in posting comments, but all are now caught up.

Here is Assemblyman Green's comment --

Dan this is exactly what I mentioned in my previous blog posting before about the cowardly anonymous posts and Anonymous March 18 at 11:11AM is exactly what I’m talking about. This person even goes so far in referring to me as an “old boy”. This is garbage and I would hope that you are better than to print this type of crap. This is the reason I don’t allow public comments at all my blog. Neither positive nor negative comments are allowed because my blog is primarily for information purposes, the legislation we are working on in Trenton. Any comments about those bills you are welcome to email me come by or call my office anytime and talk to me. But for this nameless, faceless, and cowardly hatred filled comment to be posted is disgusting. To use such a derogatory term is uncalled for and I noticed that this person is even man enough to use their name when spreading this hate filled garbage.
Reviewing the post, and the comments -- both the Assemblyman's and that of 'Anonymous' -- I see things a little differently.

The difference between the Assemblyman's blog and Plainfield Today is quite clear. As Jerry says, his blog is 'for information purposes, the legislation we are working on in Trenton', and valuable for that purpose.

Plainfield Today, on the other hand, has in mind providing an opportunity for readers to chime in on topics of interest to the community. That commentary is likely to be somewhat sassy at times, but hey, this is America, the land of free speech.

Reading -- and re-reading -- the 'old boy' reference, it does not seem to me to be a coded racial reference. Rather, I think it is a flat-out reference to age. Now, since the Assemblyman is just a few months older than I, I can tell you I do not like people referring to me as 'old' either, but the fact is, I'll not likely ever be referred to as 'young' again -- nor will the Assemblyman.

Plainfield politics is a bruising affair, to which I can testify from personal experience. And anonymous comments were circulated in Plainfield long before the Internet was available.

In those days the best that could be done was for one's anonymous opponents to copy their diatribes on Rec Division copiers and put them under windshield wipers in the City Hall lot or on the literature table outside the Mayor's office.

But then, familiarity with American political history would lead one to expect all this.

I remember the advice a candidate for ordination was given by his bishop, as applicable to those in public life as to those in the ministry, 'Just remember this, you will often be blamed for things which are not your fault, and you will sometimes be credited for things for which the credit rightly belongs elsewhere; don't spend all your time trying to sort it all out.'

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Another HUGE difference is that your blog posts comments, his virtually never does, unless there is something in the comment that flatters him.

Alan Goldstein said...

One need only recall the bile that spewed from Jerry Green about Cory Storch and Dee Dameron to see just how hypocritical and damaging this very thin-skinned man is. In fact, as about the only common denominator in local politics for the past two decades, Mr. Green deserves his fair share of criticism for politicking City government in ways that have been detrimental to the entire community. His use-by date came and went years ago.

Give me a call anytime Assemblyman, if you want to discuss issues or concerns. But if you call to harangue me like you did last month, I'll hang up on you just like last time. You're bad news and your nonsense is old.

Anonymous said...

I think you both are missing the reference in the "old boy" remark as in "old boy network."

We all know what the old boy network is -- nothing derogatory or racial about it.

What's wrong with being old? It should be a badge of honor, wisdom and accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

You are both wrong "Old Boy" refers to the old boy political network or machine of which Mr. Green is a part of. However, whenever someone says something MR. GREEN does not like the infamous race card always is pulled. If I sign my name I will more than likely have "code enforcement" at my home with a violation. This happened numerous times to me in the past when I guess I selected a candidate not to the old boys liking. If you don't like it Mr. Green get out of politics and we would all be better off. Stop whining!

Anonymous said...

eirsvenBlowing a comment out of proportion to focus attention on that, rather than the issues at hand. Very clever, Mr. Green!