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Friday, February 15, 2013

Mayor breaks first rule of cheating: Don't get caught

So, Mayor Robinson-Briggs has the Police Division give her
a little (extralegal) campaign boost?
As a reasonably seasoned pol, one would think Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs would know that the first rule of cheating -- whether in affairs political or marital -- is not to get caught.

As the photo heading this post shows, Sharon has been caught in a little cheating, of the campaign sort.

Specifically, using the Police Division to post 'Emergency, No Parking' placards on the meters in the public parking lot behind Club Faraones, the site of her Valentine's Day bash last night.

Several people who attended report that there didn't seem to be much (if any) fundraising going on, with no one apparently in charge of collecting at either the front or rear entrances, leaving guests to simply walk in -- though the free roses for the first 50 ladies were only being passed out at the rear entrance.

The decidedly youngish crowd enjoyed the free open bar and eats, dancing to the Mayor's favorite DJ. Most of the city's big political names were notably absent -- except for PMUA Commissioners Dunn and Sanders, and GOP crossover young John Campbell, who was busy working the room. (Former Mayor and Councilor Harold Mitchell and former Councilor Liz Urquhart were otherwise engaged, giving interviews to the Charter Study Commission, which I also attended.)

Except for those honored by Her Honor for their recent promotions, firefighters and police were noticeable for staying away in droves.

Meanwhile, we can await Robinson-Briggs' campaign report to see how much -- if anything -- was raised and how much the free eats and drinks set her campaign account back.

As for the 'Emergency, No Parking' signs, the placard includes a fine print citation at the bottom giving chapter and verse on same from the City's ordinances, which include the necessity of Council approval except in cases of real emergency.

Now, tell me again, what was the real emergency last night?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

When you promote 8 officers to the sergeants position with only 4openings what do you expect and they create a re-elect Sharon unit well should I go on.

Bob said...

I wonder if Sharon supporter and butt kisser, Bridget Rivers, will allow the Council to question this brash abuse of power. If not, I'll be at the next City Council meeting to speak up and wonder why the council president and other councilors are willing to condone such abuses, and suggest that maybe they should resign from their positions. Either way, Sharon is digging her own grave and I will be happy to help fill it in.

Bob Bolmer

Jean said...

And believe it or not, this person, is scheduled to receive the "Outstanding Women in Government Award" next month. I guess the pickings were slim to none if Sharon Robinson-Briggs was selected. Obviously the "Women In Municipal Government Committee", doesn't read the newspapers, blogs or have any contact with the outside world because otherwise they would be embarrassed by this choice.

Anonymous said...

Dan, this is an egregious abuse of power--to FAKE an emergency for her fundraiser! This blatantly illegal misuse of our police division to promote her political campaign will be reported to the state, and action will be taken. As a councilwoman representing this city, I was not asked about this--nothing came before the governing body. The lost revenue from individuals who use the lot while they shop in our city and the inconvenience of having to find somewhere else to park should be of great concern to Plainfield residents. The illegal use of police resources and disregard for the law by this mayor is nothing new, as she has been acknowledged by the state to be a lawbreaker. She should be arrested and prosecuted.z

Councilwoman Rebecca Williams

Anonymous said...

She is also breaking the rules by covering the entire window with her campaign picture at her campaigh HQ. The city has rules about not more that 1/3 of a window may be covered at a business location. Does she think that the bigger her picture is the more votes she will get? I quess Queen SRB has her own set or rules!

Anonymous said...

See you at the Council meeting, Bob!

Anonymous said...


The rich people of Plainfield care nothing about this. They have money to burn. They care nothing about the money that went into paying the employees that posted the signs, taking the police away from keeping Plainfield safe, and subsidizing what ever the mayor wants when it comes to using taxpayers money for flyers, making calls during business hours or however else she wants to waste our money.

And we have 4 rich council members (Greaves/Reid/Brown/Rivers), who support her and give her whatever money she wants.

Westfield money is nothing compared to the rich folk in Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell's being in bed with the Mayor further condemns the local Republican Party to irrelevancy. It could support Mapp outright as a fusion candidate and regain some standing. But, running its own candidate will just spoil things for him. I hope the Republicans realize what is possible and not allow themselves to be misled by a judas goat.

Yep I Said It!!! said...

Get in line Bob. WE know Rev Tracey Brown, Bridgette Rivers, Vera Greaves, and William Reid will NOT go against anything Your Honoribble Sharon does.

Plainfield strap on your parachutes cuz Plainfield is about to go into a free fall! However, maybe after the primary we will be lucky to lose her and it will be a bungee jump.

Vote Smart Plainfield!!!

Yep I Said It!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Public Safety Director Hellwig approved the use of the no parking signs as a pay back for her trying to cover up his Craig's List afternoon delights.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the massive taxpayer money spent years ago "protecting" her when and nothing came of that. How much money is Plainfield taxpayers going so spend for NOTHING!
Now I said it!