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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mapp gets mayoral line in Dem Primary

Councilor Adrian Mapp will have the mayoral line in the Dem Primary.
(This post has been updated to include links to Courier and Ledger stories.)

The buzz for weeks has been that the Union County Democratic organization was weighing its options in Plainfield, looking for the strongest possible candidates in the 'year of Christie'.

Union County Dem chair Charlotte DeFilippo confirmed rumors this morning when she told PolitickerNJ's Max Pizarro that Mapp was indeed getting the line, saying 'the community cries for new leadership' (see story here).
(See subsequent stories in the Courier here, and the Ledger here.)

With his emphasis on competence and professionalism in the execution of local government's responsibilities, Mapp would bring a breath of fresh air to a beleaguered City Hall.

Word is that Assemblyman Jerry Green has been attempting to reach Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs to relay the news but that she was not taking his calls. Though it may be bitter news for her, that is hardly the way to treat the man who brought her into the political limelight to begin with.

Green is expected to call a meeting of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee shortly to make public all the details of the lineup for the June Primary. This year will see all Assembly and Senate seats up as well as elections for male and female Democratic district representatives in every Union County community.

The path to victory for Robinson-Briggs now seems almost impossibly blocked, without official party support and with donors sure to veer sharply away.

Will she run in the Democratic Primary anyway, off the line? Will she save up her resources and try to run as an independent by filing so on Primary Day? Or will she gracefully retire from the field, having set a mark os Plainfield's first woman mayor?

We will see.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! So now Mapp will have to rein in the PMUA and fold it back into the City as he has been promising to do.

Anonymous said...

Clearly a step in the right direction.

Bob said...

I'm happy to hear the Assemblyman Green and the Union County party have decided that Plainfield needs a change. I thank them for their insight and swift action. I know Mr. Mapp will bring a breath of professionalism to city hall that has been missing for so many years.

I don't see Sharon doing anything gracefully, but we can hope. If she thinks her record will get her votes, then she needs a reality check. Good luck, Sharon and thank you Charlotte and Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Time for new blood. I could only hope that Mapp shows more vested interest in the residents of Plainfield.