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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Robinson-Briggs' Valentine fundraiser raises plenty of questions

Invite to tonight's fundraiser. (Click to enlarge)
Mayoral Candidate Sharon Robinson-Briggs has a Valentine's Day fundraiser slated for tonight at Club Faraone. Robinson-Briggs should be aware that folks will be watching and expect her to comply with New Jersey's election law requirements.

After reviewing a copy of the flyer mailed to invitees, several questions come to mind --

  1. The Flyer: Though it looks suspiciously like it could have been run off on the notorious Rec Division color copier, it needs to be noted in her next campaign expenses report -- either as a printing expense paid for by the campaign, or an in-kind contribution with cost and donor detailed;

  2. Buffet and Open Bar: The flyer notes a buffet and open bar for the first hour of the event. Again, these expenses need to be noted on the candidate's next campaign report -- either as a campaign expense paid for by the committee or in-kind contributions with value and donor identified;

  3. RSVP Phone Numbers: Two phone numbers are listed for folks to RSVP to; if either of those are for City employees, the candidate is putting volunteers in harm's way -- it is not allowed for City employees to campaign for a candidate on the taxpayer's time;

  4. Return Address: The correct form of the return address should be the name of the campaign committee and not 'Mayor Robinson-Briggs'; and the correct address is not 508 Watchung Avenue (that is the office next door); and --

  5. Receipts: Perhaps the biggest question is how Robinson-Briggs will handle the receipts for the event, which is listed as $45/person on the flyer. Robinson-Briggs' treasurer (Councilor) Bill Reid may not have realized what he was signing on for here, but the likelihood of some (if not most) of the attendees paying with cash instead of by check, means that the ELEC requirements for cash contributions will be applicable --
  6. Contributions by Currency:
    A candidate or joint candidates committee may accept currency contributions from a contributor of up to $200 per election. When contributing currency, the contributor must simultaneously submit a written record to the treasurer containing the date and amount of the contribution, the name, mailing address and signature of the contributor, and, if the contributor is an individual, the name and mailing address of the contributor’s employer, along with the contributor’s occupation. All currency contributions must be reported in detail, regardless of the amount. (from page 14 of the ELEC Candidate's Manual).
  7. meaning that each cash contribution (limited to $200 maximum per campaign) must be accompanied by complete information on the donor and the donor's employer. And filed in detail with the next campaign report, which is signed off on by the Treasurer, under penalty of perjury. Does that mean Mr. Reid will be chained to a table by the door tonight, collecting the required info?
Speaking of campaign reports, Robinson-Briggs' last report, due January 15th, was still not listed on the ELEC website as of the end of last week (the site is currently having technical difficulties). I will be looking to see that the report includes the rent for her campaign headquarters, which she took possession of during Christmas week 2012.

Oh, and by the way, the candidate should be aware that I will be hearing through the grapevine on how this evening's event is conducted.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Sharon will need to get hundreds of people out just to pay her bills. If we expect honesty and openess from Sharon, we won't get it. Too bad for us.

Sharon is a lost cause and most of us don't have any expectations that she will change. Most of her past supporters I've talked to, dozens, will not vote for her this time. Plainfield is tired of this tiring mayor.

Bob Bolmer

Anonymous said...

Do you really think she cares if you know what's going on? Nor do the rich people of Plainfield.

After all, they paid for her lawyer that SHE hired PERSONALLY. So why wouldn't the rich people of Plainfield, who elected her and her supporters, who must also be rich (Reid/Greaves/Tracey Brown and Bridgett who think nothing of spending tax payer monies).

The rich people of Plainfield will gladly pay for the mayor's re-election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Giveaway once you've taken it all, including their souls.

YepISaidIt!!! said...

. . . snif snif snif. . . those pink hearts smell a bit like parfum de poisson. Ewwww!!!

jim spear said...

The Mayor is so fortunate to have you helping with her campaign finances Dan.

Anonymous said...

The rich people of Plainfield are not helping her with the campaign donations. It is her rich friend Ray Lesnenac and Charlotte De filippo. Yes Mr Green is helping her as the Democratic chairperson so he can control everything includung keeping his son with a job in the Plainfield Fire Dept and his other son in the Union county Police dept both who make big$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

It is few and far between, but when Jim Spear comments against anything you write, Dan, it seems as if he is looking for the blessing of Jerry Green for some future endeavor.