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Monday, March 18, 2013

Video: Assemblyman Jerry Green supports Adrian Mapp for Mayor

Assemblyman Jerry Green, chairperson of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, spoke at last Friday evening's reception honoring Councilor Adrian Mapp's selection as the Democratic Primary candidate for mayor.

The video below contains Jerry's remarks at the reception. I will post Councilor Mapp's remarks separately.

Those who are following the primary election will want to mark their calendars for the City Committee's meeting this coming Friday evening.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope that this means One Plainfield for all. Regardless of our opinions, we are all Democrats. Let's work together for a better Plainfield and take this first step together.

Anonymous said...

Eight years in the making? Did the old boy not remember he brought us Sharon. Is he stupid or does he have alzheimer's. Retire, collect your undeserved govenrment pension and get out so this city can begin to get into the 21 century. Please take Barbara James and your other political appointments with you. They are bleeding us.

Assemblyman Jerry Green said...

Dan this is exactly what I mentioned in my previous blog posting before about the cowardly anonymous posts and Anonymous March 18 at 11:11AM is exactly what I’m talking about.

This person even goes so far in referring to me as an “old boy”. This is garbage and I would hope that you are better than to print this type of crap.

This is the reason I don’t allow public comments at all my blog. Neither positive nor negative comments are allowed because my blog is primarily for information purposes, the legislation we are working on in Trenton. Any comments about those bills you are welcome to email me come by or call my office anytime and talk to me.

But for this nameless, faceless, and cowardly hatred filled comment to be posted is disgusting. To use such a derogatory term is uncalled for and I noticed that this person is even man enough to use their name when spreading this hate filled garbage.

Rob said...

because my blog is primarily for information purposes, the legislation we are working on in Trenton --- LAUGHABLE if it weren't such a horrifying lie, look at yourself in the mirror Green and see the hypocrisy that is YOU

Anonymous said...

So -Mr. Green doesn't want anyone to post on his blog, but he believes it is okay to post on someone else's blog. Hmmm . . .

It is like "Don't talk -just listen because I know I am right."

Relax Mr. Green. This may be your last chance to ease out as a "nice man".

Pssstt -I never mentioned "old man".

Heather Sacher