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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Assemblyman Jerry Green resigns abruptly

Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22)

Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22) abruptly resigned as VP for Local Affairs at the Alman Group yesterday, according to a report in today's Courier. The resignation takes effect October 15.

Questions arose after Monday's story in an ongoing series by the Gannett chain about corruption and the need for ethics reform in New Jersey.

In my Monday post, I pointed out the tangled web in which Assemblyman Green finds himself as chair and member of important Legislative committees, the Alman Group's point person on local affairs, and his activities on behalf of local needs --
It is a tangled web, and Green is at pains to point out that he does not PERSONALLY benefit financially from any of the interconnections. And that he only gets compensation from the Alman Group on a 'project-by-project' basis. The details on those projects, however, are not forthcoming. Nor can you find out anything about Jerry Green's relationship with Alman Group clients from the profiles on its website.

And that is where the issue lies, from my point of view. If all of this stuff is above-board and legit, what is the reason for lack of full disclosure? Complete transparency can only help Green overcome the doubts of those who are suspicious. And why wouldn't one want to do that?

There is always the feeling that the secrecy is like a rock under which all kinds of creepy, crawly things scurry to get out of the light if it is turned over.
But my major gripe remains unanswered: Who were Assemblyman Green's clients? And what services did he perform for them?

Did any of his work involve lobbying his colleagues in the Legislature on behalf of his clients over matters on which those colleagues were working?

Green is VP of Local Affairs at Alman Group until October 15.

Why didn't Assemblyman Green list the Alman Group on his financial disclosure form?

These are substantive questions, and one would hope Assemblyman Green would want to make a full breast of the matter so as to keep his reputation unsullied.

Rereading the original Courier story, another item caught my eye:
[Green's] income from consulting is listed [on his financial disclosure form] under a company simply called "Jerry Green Enterprises."

That company, which Green said he uses for his private ventures, earned at least $50,000 in 2006.
Mention of 'Jerry Green Enterprises' brought a flashback to reports that during the flurry of activity last Spring when it appeared Hispanic merchants and property owners in the North Avenue redevelopment area were going to be iced out, the Assemblyman made a blitz of visits to those concerned they were being left out, plying all with his PRIVATE business card and saying (as I was told) that he, too, had a vested interest as he was going to be a participant in the proposed project.

Now I wonder, what did THAT mean?

Green's profile on the Alman Group website
- so much said, so much unsaid. (Click on image to enlarge.)

-- Dan Damon

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