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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Will Mapp victory spell hard times for North Plainfield?

Venerable North Plainfield caterer has been one of Robinson-Briggs' favorites.
One of the first results of having Adrian Mapp in Plainfield's mayor's chair may well be a dark cloud over North Plainfield.

Well, maybe not over the whole borough, which has many close ties with its sister city to the south. But certainly over one of its most venerable businesses -- Leon's Catering.

The caterer, which has been serving everything from sandwich platters to sit-down dinners to area events for decades has benefited considerably from the largesse of Plainfield's outgoing Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs.

One estimate is that between $45,00 to $50,000 of taxpayer monies have been spent by Robinson-Briggs on eats and treats from the Somerset Street establishment.

All that may change under a Mapp administration.

Though certainly as gregarious as Robinson-Briggs
(if not even more so), Mapp's personal style is less lavish, with fewer nods to grand gestures such as bribing residents with eats at the hint of a public meeting.

Meetings won't be any less convivial, but they certainly may be less calorific, as well as giving the taxpayers' wallets a rest.

Leon's, I'm sure, will find some way to cope with the challenge.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Sharon can get a job there waiting tables.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against Leon's but there are catering businesses in Plainfield that should be used to feed City Hall.

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: give it a all too many businesses, Leon's moved from Plainfield...why not urge Adrian to make Plainfield more business-friendly....Hey, and Sandy Spector is a caterer...go Sandy... she will be at the LWV annual dinner...will you...or Adrian?ra

Anonymous said...

There's no reason to be using catering services at tax payers expense. There is no valid reason for providing council members dinner prior to a meeting

Anonymous said...

Back up the U-Haul start packing Marty, Clean out your city car make sure no emails left behind

Anonymous said...

Common Guys is this what it comes to now. This is so stupid.

Anonymous said...