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Monday, June 3, 2013

Campaign Album: Code-busting, considerate Sharon

Campaign Album: Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs poses with owner of new furniture
store on West Front Street. The owner lives out of town.
Merchandise on sidewalk is a code violation.
Way to go, Sharon! (Image from Sharon's FaceBook page)

Campaign Album: A Sharon volunteer with posters mounted on SUV
parks on (narrow) Stelle Avenue to campaign.
The teams playing were from out of town. (Photo: DD)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

The Mayor likes to shop at flea markets that's why she let our downtown get this way.

Anonymous said...

Are you surprised that Sharon doesn't care what the law says?

Anonymous said...

You should be happy someone from OUT OF TOWN is willing to come to Plainfield to open up a business!!!No big business would take the chance to come here with all the crime and disorganization and a town that focuses only on the impovement of South Ave. Plainfield offers nothing for the business owners but attitude in City Hall. It does not take care of potential customers either just out to ticket them and discourage them unlike Westfield or such towns who provide incentives for their customers to patronize their small business owners. As far as the curb side items in one of the toughest economies there is however you can capture the customers attention is critical to make the sale! Sharon doesnt follow rules I agree but all of your fan club just loves to participate in the negative not positive. When was the last time you and your fans supported small businesse in your town rather than point out there negative??