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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vote today on Sharon's future...and Plainfield's

Yes, folks, we're at that legendary place. And it's up to you
and to me. Do it. Don't let Plainfield down.

Today is Primary Election Day in Plainfield. In a town where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans about ten to one, the Democratic primary winner is practically guaranteed to be the November election winner.

This means that the most likely next Mayor of Plainfield will be the winner of today's race between incumbent Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and challenger Councilor Adrian Mapp.

If, like me, you are tired of seeing Plainfield stuck in a rut with Sharon, we need to do something about it, and today is our chance.

I am voting for Adrian Mapp and all the candidates in Column B and I hope you will too.

Don't let this opportunity to have a say in Plainfield's future pass you by.

If you're on Twitter, you can join in the conversation about Plainfield's Primary election at hashtag #gomapp.

All are invited to gather at Democratic HQ after the polls close at 8:00 PM to tally the returns. The HQ is on West Front Street, next to Dunkin' Donuts. Parking available in the County office building lot or in the PNC Bank lot on West 2nd Street.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I voted for McGreevy

Anonymous said...

Visited the Democratic Party HQ Monday. In one corner was Mr. Green doing his thing and in the other corner were Mr. Storch and Ms. Williams doing their thing. Don't want to make too much of that since every room usually has four corners anyway. But, I was impressed that the elected officials were there working as hard or harder than the volunteers (certainly harder than me.) I hope it pays off for Column B.

Anonymous said...

HEY Dan.....Truly... a time to ParTy...barstool to barstool..if you didn't make things available for us, with updates on Ptoday..& also Twitter..we would have missed out on alot of valuable 7:45,I walked by the HQ (with UNKNOWN ANSWERS)
so I went to McDonald's....GOT ME SOME FRIES...then walked back 2 Dem.HQ's..and JUST what I NEEDED to know PLAINFIELD HAS A NEW MAYOR....CONGRATS MAPP..JUST DO what you say your going to DO...cuz i'LL be watching you too...A PLAINFIELD RESIDENT!