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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Green elected Union County Dem chair, rips Dems endorsing Christie

Assemblyman Jerry Green was elected Chair of the Union County
Democratic Committee last night by acclamation.

Assemblyman Jerry Green, already longtime chair of Plainfield's Democratic City Committee, was elected chair of the Union County Democratic Committee at its biannual reorganization meeting last night at L'affaire. 'This is a high point of my career', Green told the audience.

Green succeeds the legendary Charlotte DeFilippo as the leader of one of New Jersey's strongest County organizations and began immediately by joining the fray surrounding Chris Christie's run for re-election.

The banquet hall was cleared of tables and set up auditorium-style. Even so, the 455 county committee members who attended and were credentialed to vote overflowed the seating arrangement and lined the walls on either side three- and four-deep. Guests were in a roped-off section at the rear of the room, and that section was also packed.

Remarks by outgoing chairperson De Filippo, Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-20) and Sen. Nick Scutari (D-22) warmed up the crowd. Each lauded Charlotte and praised the incoming chair, and several dignitaries in the audience were acknowledged.

Sen. Lesniak set up the theme when he asked the crowd 'Who says the Democratic Party is in trouble? Not in Union County', in response to which the room rocked with cheers and applause.

He pointed out that though Buono's candidacy is faced at this point with a 30-point lead by Christie, Florio's beginning was even less auspicious (at 17%) as was McGreevey's (at 25%).  Both came from behind to win, and Lesniak expressed confidence Buono will, too.

After the speechifying, the meeting finally got down to its main business.

Green was nominated by the chair of Rahway's Democratic Committee and seconded by Roselle Mayor Jamel Holley (who noted Roselle was Green's home town). There being no further nominations, Green was elected by acclamation amidst a long burst of applause.

Green's inaugural remarks as county chair were gracious. He told De Filippo not to rest too easy in her 'retirement' because he would be calling her for advice 'every day'.

He also urged everyone to get solidly behind Buono's candidacy, which Green said he supports '100 percenbt', adding that there was no room in Union County for any Democrat to be endorsing Chris Christie. The remarks had particular resonance in light of the defection of several Essex County mayors that very afternoon.

The Plainfield delegation, with most of its 68 members in attendance, arrived to find that they had been given an honored place down front -- but initially just 32 chairs. After some adjustments, the entire group was seated. 'Quite a change,' one said to me, 'from the last re-organization two years ago, when Plainfield had been assigned to a rear corner of the room'.

Quite a change, indeed.

Perhaps some of Jerry's good fortune will also rub off on the city.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised that I haven't seen any news stories focusing on why Dems are supporting Christie -- a deal was probably made to not have a Republican of any prominence go after Lautenberg's seat (Lonegan and an unknown neophyte only) so it will remain a Democratic senate seat in exchange for their support in the gubernatorial race.

Anonymous said...

As if anything will change for Plainfield or Union County taxpayers in general. Lesniak, Green and the rest of them benefit while taxpayers keep paying more for less, all in the name of voting democrat. Appaulse? For what? When will we ever learn?