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Friday, June 14, 2013

PHS teacher fights back against 'conduct unbecoming' charge

Roni (r) was a contestant on the 'Dr. Oz Show' this past December,
where her team won a prize.
Plainfield High School teacher Veronica (Roni) Taylor is fighting charges of 'conduct unbecoming' being brought by some members of the Plainfield Education Association's Executive Committee, on which she sits as an elected 2nd Vice President of the local union organization.

Roni, who is well known throughout the community as a longtime Democratic activist and past president of the Plainfield chapter of the League of Women Voters blogs at 'Roni T's Work Matters' (see here), where she writes about the matter -- a teacher in the Plainfield Public Schools, I am a member of the district's bargaining entity for teachers, support staff and security personnel, the Plainfield Education Association (PEA).

I am proud to be a member and an elected officer (2nd Vice President) of an organization that speaks up for the interests of these employees of the public school system with reference to working conditions, pay and the protection of our rights of free association and speech in pursuit of the community's common goal of educating and nurturing our youth and preparing them to be informed, skilled and active participants in society at large.

All this being said, I am disappointed that some leadership members of the PEA have chosen to bring charges of "conduct unbecoming" against me. Without any details about the exact nature of the complaint(s) or who is making them, I am being faced with a hearing before a Review Committee which has the power to recommend my removal from this elected office by the general membership.

Alternatively, I can resign and everything will go away.

I am ready to defend my conduct as a member and an elected officer of this union. I am going to insist on due process, decency and fair treatment. Too many members have suffered embarrassment and harassment in violation of their rights as PEA members and American citizens.

So, why am I fighting charges of "conduct unbecoming'? It's about Justice For All!
Arguing that her rights as a union member to due process have been violated, Roni says she will be posting emails from the leadership and other materials to explain her case and the fight she thinks is important for all members of the union.

Check back on her blog Monday for more on this issue.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

If any conduct is unbecoming, it is that of the current PEA "president" and her lackies. She is nothing more than a bloviating, egotistical sham of a representative for an organization in dire need of leadership. The very members whom they are supposed to serve are subject to harassment, backstabbing and lies. Roni Taylor has more dedication and commitment in her pinky than the current regime has all together. Any PEA members that cosigned this ridiculousness should be subject to a board review by their peers and should be ashamed of themselves!

Anonymous said...

Roni, I am so glad that u are fighting back. The charges brought against you were wrong and out of character. I feel that the Plainfield Education Association should be investigated in regards to members dues right up to the election. Too much is going on that members don't know about.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me for not revealing who I am, but this is a DAMN shame. How can a Union President act in such an unprofessional and "un-union" type of way. I heard that when she won re-election some of the union reps quit. It's folk like Cardona, corrupt and unfair, that make me believe there is NO ONE representing PEA.


Anonymous said...

I don't live in Plainfield and I was recently hired by the Plainfield Board of Education. I am fairly young and I don't know much about Plainfield or the school system's politics; so I decided to do a simple and quick GOOGLE. I came across your very informative and at times entertaining blog and I am jaw dropping surprised at what is going on within A UNION. I expect unions to be just that UNIONS! I am not a PEA member yet and after reading this blog I am going to have to do further research/investigation on whether I want to take part in this Union president's mess.

I don't know Ms. Taylor but I do wish her the best and I look forward to reading her blog and I will continue to read yours as well.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What about the contract (2 years to long)and still no contract and more money out of our checks, starting September 2013 another 7%for medical. What is the organization doing about this? The Leadership sould be worried about how the members will feel when more money will be taken from us instead of going after Ms. Taylor

Anonymous said...

As an association member for over a decade, I am embarrassed and frustrated at my colleagues' decision to re-elect the current president. She is an embarrassment to our district's employees. She selectively responds to members and is seldomly seen in the schools.

Roni is the latest in a long line of people she has taken personal attacks on. Most of the people before have just bowed out without putting up a fight.

Kudos to you, Mr. Damon, for writing this story. I wish Roni all the best in her fight.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can fill out an HIB (Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying)form. Cardona certainly is guilty of all three.

Anonymous said...