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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

State rips BOE legal fees; how was firm chosen?

Plainfield's Board of Education was ripped in a NJ Comptroller's report released late yesterday afternoon for spending nearly double the state average on its lawyers. In addition, Mark Spivey has a long piece on this somewhat involved story in today's Courier (see here).

I will be taking up the question of how the firm at the eye of the storm got the Plainfield Board of Ed contract in the first place.

But...after I get back from a doctor's appointment.

Check back later.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I always found it interesting how John and Wilma Campbell scream about how corrupt this town is while running the most corrupt entity in the city the school board. I guess that's why they were smart enough not to send John Campbell Jr to school in the city.

All the fried sandwiches in the world cant cover the stink over there.

Anonymous said...

And now they (Campbell and crew) just got rid of the current athletic director Dan Cone... who by the way is a great man and done a fantastic job of AD of Plfd HS! What Campbell and crew are doing is down right criminal!

Anonymous said...

I read this front page of the article of the courier news and it just makes me sad how our kids are being robbed.

John and Wilma should be ashamed of themselves allowing a relative and business partner to rip off the kids in this city who only ask for a good education.

But what the hell do they care they sent there kids to private schools.

And by the way they did all of this while owing over $100,000 in back taxes but i guess they are waiting for their friend the soon to be former mayor sharon to cut them a tax break.