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Friday, June 7, 2013

Jerry Green makes waves; Mapp has competition

Green looks to become Union County Dem chair; Mapp now has competition.

Assemblyman Jerry Green, chair of Plainfield's Democratic City Committee bids fair to become the new chairperson of the Union County Democratic Committee when it reorganizes next Tuesday evening.

That fact is causing a shift of the City Council's agenda-setting session from Tuesday to Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM (the special meeting for budget adoption is also moved to Wednesday, and set for 8:30 PM).

The Council meeting is traditionally moved from Monday to Tuesday to accommodate the reorganization of the local Democratic city committee (in alternate years, the Republicans do the same).

Because of Charlotte De Filippo's long tenure as county party chair, the county reorganization, always set for the first Tuesday evening after the Primary Election, has been for years a pro forma event, with only a portion of the local delegates bothering to attend the affair at L'Affaire.

This year, however, with De Filippo retiring, it's all hands on board for the election. Green looks good to win, especially now that Sen. Ray Lesniak has opined he has the skills needed for the State Chairmanship (see here) and is gathering supporters for that job (see here), and will not be a contender in the Union County chairmanship race.

The back story however, is that the struggle to dictate to gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono who will be the state party chair continues.

Meantime, Plainfield has the prospect of getting organized to get some things done and leave the contentious dysfunctionality of the Robinson-Briggs years behind. That is, after the November general election, in which Mapp must outpace Republican Sandy Spector and 'independents' D. Scott Belin (chair of the Zoning Board of Adjustment) and Mustapha Muhammad of the Nation of Islam.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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