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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Campaign: Soliciting for Sharon; Sign wars; Reid gone; ¡Basta ya!

A Plainfield Today reader reports receiving a ROBOCALL for Sharon. The male voice intoned that if something seems wrong, it probably is, and then went on to note that Charlotte De Filippo resigned -- presumably under investigation -- two weeks after the County Democratic Committee named Mapp its candidate. On the other hand, purrs the male voice, Sharon won't give Plainfield away and the voice likes what Sharon is doing...

Which brings up the question: What is Sharon doing?

Though she hasn't done anything about the upcoming end of the agreement keeping the Muhlenberg ER open (it expires in August), she has paid some attention to her campaign matters: she's changed Treasurers.

As of the May 24 ELEC filing, Bill Reid has been replaced by Alo Sparkman of East Orange. Mr. Sparkman also presents a more usual format in the reports. However, Sharon still lists NO CONTRIBUTIONS of over $300. Which is interesting, because she has supporters who are quite able to give in that range (Eric Watson and Malcolm Dunn, for example). So, if no contributors giving over $300 are listed, two prospects offer themselves: either they're cheap bastards or someone is lying about the receipts. Flip a coin...

Evidence of SIGN WARS is also being reported. For weeks now, volunteers for Mapp have told of putting signs out one day only to find them gone the next. This is hardly news; happens with every campaign, it seems.

However, there does seem to be a new twist; I am getting reports that homeowners where Sharon's helpers have placed signs between the curb and the roadway have taken matters into their own hands and are defacing or creatively altering the unwanted Sharon signs. One person spotted a sign that was re-engineered from 'Re-elect Sharon...' to 'ReJect Sharon'....

Lastly, Sharon held a 'spontaneous' walk-through of the downtown business district on Saturday, per a note on her FaceBook page. This was about as 'spontaneous' as those that Richard Nixon used to pull when he was President; everything set up by advance men and scripted down to the last grin-and-grip photo.

I happened to stumble across one of her little 'visits' after leaving the Shakespeare Garden event and heading to Auto Zone on West Front Street.

There was Sharon's Little Band, in front of a bodega near the corner of Washington Avenue, all lined up. With my windows rolled down I could hear someone (not Her Honor) addressing passersby in Spanish. And from the other side of the street someone shouted back '¡Basta ya!', which in Brooklyn was always interpreted as 'Enough, already!'.

Enough already, indeed!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rebecca Williams said...

So, according to our campaign volunteers, the mayor's so-called walk through downtown yesterday to "visit all the businesses" caused her to stop at our headquarters (which is on W. Front Street next to the Dunkin Donuts) and proceed to act in a silly and unprofessional way. While our volunteers are working, calling, and canvassing in the final stretch, she is strolling through the downtown catcalling folks who want change--a picture of the mayor standing next to the mattresses she allows to litter our downtown would have been nice. THAT is her mayoral legacy.


Jan said...

We received a Notice of Violation for our lawn being overgrown. It was dated exactly 2 days after we last mowed the lawn. I bet we're not the only homeowners with a Mapp for Mayor sign in our yard who got a letter from Inspections for a non-existent problem. Meanwhile, the vacant house 2 doors down from us has grass that's knee-high. Maybe if I put a Mapp sign at that house it'll prompt Inspections to send those absent owners a letter and force them to mow their grass?

Bob said...

Sharon has proven over and over how inept she is as mayor. Those giving her the most support have been given the most money by her administration and Sharon's "friends" on the City Council. We need to let someone else come in and maybe we can have a full cabinet and get Plainfield back on track and not just slowly rolling backwards. Let's get out and get rid of the dead weight in the mayor's office and get someone who will work for us, not against us.

Anonymous said...

Before you post these graphic pictures can you please post a warning. I'm scared for life now after seeing this picture

Anonymous said...

You're the best

Rebecca Williams said...


Take the violation to Inspections and speak to Mr. Jackson. When I first moved to Plainfield, I received a summons for a brush pickup violation after the city had skipped my block. I took a photo, had the dated letter, and was angry enough to go to my very first city council meeting to complain. The rest, as they say, is history. The letter was signed, "Eric Watson." Lol.


Karen said...

Is the city of Plainfield tired yet! We have had 8 years of what??? She cares for who not the children of Plainfield! Why would you want to vote with someone who tries to be a BULLY with our youth. She can't deny that she has for 3 years tried to stop Queen City Baseball League; but those who know we are strong, our children are GREAT, and can not be stopped! Lately we have heard how she is giving a hard time to our youth golf group, the latino soccer youth organization, and lets not forget when she had an amusement arena down on Plainfield Ave which was so over price that she was called down and was so ignorant acting and unprofessional; where she came out her pocket to by some tickets that really didn't amount to many rides anyway! What shenanigans is she running and then having Rev. Sharpton down here with the wool clearly over his eyes. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!! She's been there 8 years and what she has claim to do, it just was her job. She regurgitates everything, please Plainfield!! Time for change.

Anonymous said...

I read Reid is gone and got so happy... then I realized it wasn't the "gone from Plainfield" gone... sigh.

Anonymous said...

Did Sharon receive a violation notice for her campaign headquarters being 100% covered which is a violation?

I do not understand how people can think she is justified in breaking the law when she is supposed to be the role model. Well, she is the role model, and look what we have - schlock!