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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

As sun sets on Sharon era, everyone recalibrates

In the early days, a test pattern helped you adjust your set to receive
images as they were actually broadcast.

Lame duckery is a part of the American political process, and Plainfield is no exception.

Once it becomes clear that a change in the executive is imminent, the Forces Of Entropy assert themselves. Wheels which once rolled smoothly now become sticky and perhaps stuck altogether. Levers which used to allow things to happen may have no effect at all, as if they were disengaged. Commands may be listened to ... and then ignored.

Projects which once were all the rage and demanded the attention and efforts of everyone in the organization may suddenly languish as those responsible look for clues as to whether the Novus Ordo Seclorum ('new order of the ages' -- check a dollar bill) will bless, or even pay attention to, whatever was being promoted and advocated.

Partnerships suddenly look more tenuous, as those on one side begin to wonder whether those on the other side can (or will) deliver on past promises made. Already, some have concluded that the mojo of some has vanished and have realigned themselves accordingly (as in former backers of Sharon showing up at the Democratic City Committee reorganization last evening; Sharon was nowhere to be seen).

Those who tied their careers to a star that has fallen must now make other plans. Is their position secure? Will they be expected to perform to different (and higher) standards? Is their career path safe and secure? Is there even a future for some?

When I was a kid and TV was in black and white and only broadcast for ten or twelve hours a day, every broadcast day began and ended with the broadcast of a test pattern which ran for a few minutes.

It contained various kinds of lines and shading and was designed to reveal whether or not your screen was distorting the image being broadcast and needed recalibration. By adjusting the various knobs at the bottom (or sometimes, less conveniently, at the back) of the set, you could restore an accurate representation of the original test pattern residing on an easel in the broadcasting studio.

As the sun sets on the Sharon era, everyone is recalibrating their test pattern.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like some gratuitous pouring of the salt on open wounds. If you're so blessed, maybe John Stewart will give you a call requesting that you pipe down.

Anonymous said...

nothing like a test pattern coming from the Feds..watching the Dem's sing on each other will be the best reality show of all and one that can't come soon enough.
Allegiance to accepting things the way they are makes you a conspirator not innocent Dan, so careful with your pointy stick for your eye is within striking range of it as well.

Anonymous said...

If most the Democrats were so unhappy with the way Sharron and Gerry are runng City Hall,then why did they put him in charge again? I don't think much is going to change IF mapp becomes mayor with GERRY TELLING HIM who to hire and who to put on Boards. I thought the DEMOCRATS WANTED A CHANGE,NEW BLOOD IN THE PARTY not same O same O.

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan, it ain't over until it's over. Politics ain't beanbag. And you know my definition of Plainfield politics: a bed of quicksand studded with land mines.

Let's all take this one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

and the first place they need to investigate is the republican controlled school board

Anonymous said...

Winds of change Blowing into the Queen City

Anonymous said...

Poor Dan - why is it the readers that disagree with your blog postings blame you for the news brought forth? Hey guys put down your guns and knives! Don't kill the messenger!