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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Campaign Album: The Winner and The Losers

Adrian and Amelia Mapp in a screen grab from a campaign video.
Two quick visuals for Plainfield Today readers from the 2013 Democratic Mayoral Primary: the Winner and the Losers. Pictured above is winner Councilor Adrian Mapp with his wife Amelia in a shot from a campaign video.

The Losers (l to r): Eric Watson, Sharon Robinson-Briggs, her 'special friend' Willie Jenkins,
the Rev. Al Sharpton, and Roland Muhammad.

The losers are seen here in a photo originally posted to Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' campaign FaceBook page and include (left to right) her campaign manager Eric Watson (recipient of a $1 million golden parachute from the PMUA), Her Honor herself, Sharon's 'special friend' Willie Jenkins (now a supervisor at the PMUA), the Rev. Al Sharpton, and Roland Muhammad (who is perhaps best known for making young baseball players cry as he chased them from the Rock Avenue ballfields).

The picture, taken at a campaign rally Sharon originally scheduled for the Washington Community School featured a guest appearance by Sharpton, who endorsed her re-election, technically qualifying him as a 'loser' also. Hopefully, the respected MSNBC commentator will do a little more homework before his next visit to the Queen City.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

This is gonna be good I'll just sit back and watch the sparks fly. I can't wait for all the little cry babies to get a dose of reality when they can't run to Mr Mapp when they are told to there jobs

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Mayor Mapp. Great day for Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

When has the Rev. Al done any homework? Tawana Brawley - check.

How about the riots Rev. Al incited where people died because of his bigotry?

You are way off the mark on Rev. Al Dan. Way, way off.

Anonymous said...


PMUA Faithful said...


I can’t begin to tell you how relieved it was to hear of SRB’s defeat. My Neighbors, co-workers and family is embarrased by this Administration. Then to see that Eric Watson was heading her campaign was the first sign to not give her a second look. This same man who stole from PMUA rate payers just because he thought the city owed him something. Now he files bankruptcy, collects unemployment all while waiting for additional PMUA installments and I have to give up a weeks pay.

Then in SRB’s pose’ there’s Willie Jenkins. The same person caught on surveillance stealing at the transfer station, but keeps his job. NO SHAME! Maybe one day he'll do some actual work.

The COUNTLESS amount of workers associated with SRB and Councilwoman Brown is a disgrace. This is why many of us here at PMUA wanted her out. We see every day how this “team Sharon” works. Mapp was the only choice to somehow keep our jobs and get the dead weight out.