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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mapp helps LAC honor 100 new citizens

Councilor Adrian Mapp and LAC executive director Flor Gonzalez
at Citizenship Gala  Sunday.

Plainfield mayoral candidate Adrian Mapp was a guest of honor at a reception and banquet to honor new citizens on Sunday evening.

Sponsored by the Latin American Coalition and organized by its executive director Flor Gonzalez, the annual event brought together families, friends and supporters to welcome more than a hundred new citizens.

Each was presented with a certificate and a letter of congratulations from New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg (who passed away at 89 this morning from complication of pneumonia), amidst rounds of loud applause.

Councilor Mapp visiting one of LAC's citizenship classes last November.

Councilor Mapp praised Gonzalez for her many years of dedication labors on behalf of Plainfield's growing Hispanic population and urged the new citizens to exercise one of democracy's most treasured obligation on Tuesday, to cast ballots in the Primary Elections.

The Latin American Coalition consistently generates more successful citizenship applications than any other Plainfield service group and sees to it that newly minted citizens are all registered to vote.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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