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Friday, December 28, 2012

Jerry Green and John Campbell in deal for mayor's race?

Imagine the look on Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' face when she arrived late at Sen. Ray Lesniak's Christmas party this past Saturday to see Assemblyman Jerry Green, GOP 'Kingmaker' John Campbell, his wife Wilma -- power behind the Plainfield Board of Ed, and son 'Little John' disappear from the party for a private confab with Lesniak.

'Now what the f*** is going on', the Mayor is said to have muttered.

What, indeed!

Jerry Green, as chair of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee has been dithering for weeks over whether he will give the Democratic line in next year's mayoral race to a candidate or allow a so-called 'open primary' where those interested run against each other and there is no official Democrat designated.

Both Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and Council President Adrian Mapp have announced their candidacies. Robinson-Briggs has gone so far as to open a campaign headquarters on Watchung Avenue, across from City Hall.

It seemed to those watching things unfold that Green was leaning toward not giving the line to either contender, opting instead for an 'open' primary.

As with any astute politician, it's all about control -- namely, control over contracts and jobs.

Green had originally picked Robinson-Briggs back in 2005 and the 'wheeling' of over $300,000 into her election campaign guaranteed work for several vendors over the next few years. However, Green has admitted in recent years that Robinson-Briggs pays him little heed and runs the show as she sees fit (or unfit, depending on your point of view). There does not seem to be much prospect she would be more respectful of his 'suggestions' if she were re-elected.

As for Mapp, while Green was grateful for New Dems support in getting President Obama re-elected, he is wary of Mapp because of his strong independent streak and the New Dems' identification with 'honest government' policies. On the other hand, Mapp is well-regarded in County circles as an informed and able elected official who is a man of his word. Green also keeps a wary eye on the New Dems who for years have mounted good government efforts and managed to dominate the Council for the past four years.

So, why turn to the Republicans for an answer to his dilemma?

First of all, this is not the first time Green has turned to the GOP. Robinson-Briggs herself was a Republican and a member of the GOP City Committee when recruited by Green to run for mayor.

Secondly, Green is notorious for not developing talented young men and women into leadership tracks. In fact, quite the opposite -- he is mostly content to retread superannuated retainers.

As for 'Young John' Campbell, he is a well-educated, personable young man. Completely without political experience, he nevertheless has had the sense -- considering it's Plainfield -- to register as a Democrat.

So, was the little private confab about getting Lesniak's buy-in?

And then, of course, there is the matter of what is in it for Weiner Lesniak, the Senator's well-connected (and pricey) law firm.

Can we expect to see Weiner Lesniak among those awarded contracts at the Board of Ed's reorganization meeting on January 7th?

Or will it have to wait for January 2014, when the City Council reorganizes and Green's presumptive candidate 'Young John' Campbell would -- he plans -- be sworn in as mayor?

Or will it be both?

Unless, of course, Plainfield voters have a different idea about how things should go down.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

John Campbell son is getting a job in the state that’s the only reason why the Campbell’s are kissing butt. As for Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs the Campbell’s are working with Eric Watson running her campaign.

As Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs announced to one of her extremely close friends, she is getting the line and the backing of the POWER-BROKERS from the Democratic Party.

This will be very interesting to see. Another 4years will just be a circus. Plainfield will be in trouble.

The Mayor have made it known to her inner circle which have been very close to the net, that she was giving the NOD. All I can say to the residents of Plainfield come out and VOTE for your future, your children future of Plainfield. This election is a very important one. It's about control, and they feel they can control Mayor Robinson-Briggs. For myself I am tired of Plainfield and all the cronies that are around this Mayor. I believe it's a shame. We need new Ideals; we do not need candy, cookies, fried fish and fried chicken. I don't know about you guys but I would love CAVIAR, PATE'

Anonymous said...

There is no way Green would be dumb enough to try to run a Campbell for mayor given their track record in this city, they've made it a dumping ground with all the weed lots they keep public works busy. Even Jerry is not that stupid.

Alan Goldstein said...

The New Dems may be self-identified with "honest government policies" and "good government efforts", but it's a stretch to suggest Adrian Mapp is identified with anything other than political ambition and tilting at windmills.

Bob said...

The only "weeners" in this scenario are the voters and people of Plainfield. We need good government in this city and someone who has shown they know how to get the job done. Our current mayor has proven over and over again how unfit she is for the job. A young, though personable, man with no political experience does not fit the bill either. The people of Plainfield need to get educated and vote from what they learn. The only people who benefit and get rich are the politicians, and who trusts them anyway? They're mostly lawyers, so you get the two most distrusted groups of people in one person. Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Another 4 year's of this Mayor will be a disgrace. Im going to make sure everyone of my family member's do not VOTE the status quo. I will make sure we do no have another 4 years of this crap. Don't get me wrong Sharon is a nice lady, but a nice lady is not what we need to run the business of the city of Plainfield.


Yep I Said It!!! said...


Jerry Green is not just stupid, he is stupider than stupid. So, don't underestimate Jerry Green's stupidity.

When Forest Gump said, "Stupid is as Stupid Does" he was thinking about Gerald (Jerry) Green.

Yep I Said It!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, you've got some things wrong, for example the date of the council reorg meeting--it's January 3 not January 7. And while you say Jerry Green doesn't develop talented younger people, all I can say is look at AJ Jalloh, now the city clerk and the best we've had in years. A lot of the younger people who have worked for and with him have gone on to bigger and better things at the county and state level. As for Robinson-Briggs and Mapp, they're cut from the same cloth: egotistical, arrogant, self-serving, and politically ambitious--and it's ridiculous to say the county people have such high regard for Mapp; they don't trust him any more than they trust Robinson-Briggs, and for the same reasons. And frankly, neither do I--and neither should Plainfield's citizens.

What Plainfield needs is a mayor who cares about PLAINFIELD...not their own political future!

Anonymous said...

To 8:47am , Yes, I think he is that stupid.

Dan said...

@ 5:05 PM -- Read more closely. I said the Board of Ed reorg on Jan 7, not City Council. And besides, the thrust of question was whether WL was willing to hold off until Jan 2014.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wilma!!!

Wilma Campbell has sold her first born son John Campbell Jr to the DEVIL! All for political gratification? All for the purpose of getting back at Mapp?

Really Wilma?!

Is it SO important or are you SO angry with Mapp regarding the School Board elections date being changed that you would take your FIRST born son to the Devil of Plainfield Jerry Green just to get back at Mapp?


Are you doing this because you failed when you assigned your son to be the campaign manager for Abdul-Haaq and Haaq lost, but was able to get a substantial amount of votes? And at that time- You made a deal with Jerry Green to unseat Mapp's council seat and even though Young Republican John Campbell failed he proved to Mr. Evil Jerry Green he can get votes for the worst council candidate Haaq. And I must add- Haaq ran to get back at Jerry Green for getting him kicked off of the school board.

And now you -Wilma Campbell- have shaken hands with the Devil and placed your first born son in the hands of one of the most HATED public political persons.

I wonder what is worse- selling your soul to the Devil or Giving your First Born to the Devil.

And now I shall end this comment the way Fred Flintstone ended his cartoon show when Wilma unknowningly locked John out in the darkness- Fred yells,


Sharon E.