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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dan goofs, Mayor not on top of PARSA appointment

Respondents who believed the Mayor
would drop the ball were on the money.
Seems I was too quick to give Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs credit for handling the nomination of PMUA Executive Director Duane Young to the PARSA board in a timely fashion.

It was all based on the note in Monday's Council agenda that the nomination letter had been sent by PMUA Board president Harold Mitchell in a letter dated August 24.

I received a call to tell me that in fact, the PMUA had sent an earlier letter after their August board meeting, addressed to the Mayor and the City Council, which had simply been passed along to the Councilors in their packets as a letter received.

(Protocol requires that the Mayor formally forward such a letter to the Clerk, asking that the nomination be presented to the City Council. This was not done.)

Further, the item on Monday's agenda also did not come about because of Mayor Robinson-Briggs' timely attentions -- it was caught by Councilor Mapp, who asked that it be put on the agenda.

Notwithstanding, there can be no actual nomination until the seat is vacant, which requires the resignation of former PMUA executive David Ervin.

Apologies to Plainfield Today readers, 71% of whom responded to the poll that Mayor Robinson-Briggs would not submit the nomination in a timely fashion.

You weren't being cynical, you were just plain right.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Thanks once again to Untimely Sharon, or Shady Sharonda as one blogger put it. How long will be put up with this oaf who get's paid well to do so little. I guess she's a typical New Jersey politician.

Anonymous said...

Dan, The Mayor cant make a nomination on time,but she finds the time to hire gang members. Maybe she is waiting to hear from Green to tell he what to do!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan, What is going on in this city? The mayor lays off Police Officers,hires Gang Members,and cant seem to keep a City Administrator or make nominations on time. The City does not have American Flags hanging downtown or flowers in pots like our neighboring towns and the City looks very dirty! We need a Mayor who loves our city and wants to do the best for our city, and not just want to do what is best for her campaign paybacks!