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Friday, September 23, 2011

WBLS Inquiry: Is Investors Bank innocent, or not so?

Circumstances around what Investors thought it was paying for need to be clarified.
When the Plainfield City Council's special attorney, Ramon Rivera, brought out at Wednesday's meeting that Investors Savings Bank (ISB) officials had told him the bank's check for $15,000 was to help pay for fireworks for the city's 2010 July 4 celebration, the question immediately came to mind whether Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs had misled the bank, misappropriating the monies for a purpose other than that for which they were given.

If ISB knew nothing of the WBLS broadcast, it would certainly indicate the possibility of a fraud having been committed.

However, if Investors knew of the use to which Mayor Robinson-Briggs was putting the money...?

Sharp-eyed reader SK alerted me yesterday to a press release by Investors Savings Bank of June 15, 2010, on the bank's helping underwrite fireworks presentations in several communities in its service area (embedded below, or see the bank's web page here, and the actual release here, PDF). Very generous support, except that nowhere is Plainfield mentioned.

So the question arises why Investors would cut a check for the Plainfield fireworks, after the event had been held.

Was it on the Mayor's say-so?

Yet Bibi Taylor said that the fireworks display HAD ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR, out of another account.

So, was the Mayor duping Investors?

And then we have the circumstance, caught on the video run on the city's website, of Investors Savings Bank being acknowledged over WBLS as a sponsor of the Community Forum.

As Alice said, 'i
t all gets curiouser and cuiouser'.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

If you were Investors Bank, listed on NASDAQ, with branches in all of the high income towns in NJ, would you want to be prominently featured as the sponsor of an all-African-American far-to-the-left radio-a-thon designed to alleviate a gang murder spree? Or would you rather be known as the sponsor of a flag-waving, apple pie and Bud Lite all-American fireworks display? That's how I'd notate my check and how I would want the thank you letter to read.