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Friday, September 30, 2011

Changes coming to PLAINFIELD TODAY and CLIPS formats


Pressure is on from Blogger to 'update' blog appearances.
Blogger, the Google-owned service which hosts both PLAINFIELD TODAY and CLIPS sent out a notice in recent days encouraging bloggers using older templates (such as moi) to upgrade to their new souped-up and whizbang templates. You can read about the new 'dynamic views' templates and view samples here.

Templates are the 'bones' on which the blog is fleshed out, giving its look and feel -- columns and their arrangement, fonts, image characteristics, etc.

My templates are very old indeed, at least five years, which makes them antediluvian in Internet terms.

Supposedly, the new styles will allow both blog creators and blog readers choices in how to produce and 'consume' blog posts.

I will be twiddling over the weekend and the next few days to find a format that will be suitable going forward -- and will be looking for your feedback once the old Ark gets amoverin'.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Cheryl said...

Good luck Dan :-) Cant wait to see the new and improved !