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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DPW and PMUA Hurricane Response Services

Am posting the DPW and PMUA information on storm debris pickup below, as taken from the city website. Note time for DPW pickup is VERY SHORT.

As Dottie Gutenkauf pointed out in an email, it is still on the city's website, but was moved toward the bottom of the page, underneath older items. Who would have suspected?

Department of Public Works and Urban Development

Hurricane Irene - Storm Debris Removal

As you know, Hurricane Irene caused extensive damage in the City of Plainfield. Numerous city/private trees were knocked down, and as a result property owners are placing their trees and limbs at curbside and in the streets. Public Works has been working feverishly with PSE&G, doing all that we can to help restore power to our residents and open up our streets as expeditiously as possible.

Public Works will assist property owners that have trees and large limbs on their properties. Public Works will assist them by starting a curb-side collection program, Tuesday September 6, 2011 - Friday, September 9, 2011. Storm debris must be placed curbside.

Plainfield residents who choose to remove their own debris have the option of taking it down to the Transfer Station free of charge. The PMUA will be accepting storm debris starting Thursday, September 1, 2011 - Saturday, September 17, 2011.

Their hours are 7 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday; and 8 AM - 2 PM Saturday. If you have any questions for PMUA, you can reach them at 908-226-2518.

Please note: We don't want the yard debris to be mixed/co-mingled with property debris. Property owners, who had damage from basement flooding are advised to call PMUA at the above number to schedule a bulk waste pickup.
PMUA Immediate Hurricane Response Services:

Vegetative Waste Drop-Off - In a continued effort to provide quality service to the community, the PMUA is offering city residents affected by Hurricane Irene no-charge drop-off of vegetative waste to 95 Rock Avenue, Plainfield.

This program will run for approx. 2 weeks, starting Thurs. 9/1/11 and conclude on Sat. 9/17/11. ID is required and material must be loaded loosely in a vehicle or in paper bags. No plastic bags or garbage accepted. Commercial landscapers not eligible for this program.  For more info please contact 908.226.2518.

Earliest Date Available Appointments Given for Bulk Pick Ups

In response to the needs of our residents, The Authority will provide immediate bulk collection appointments on the earliest date available to those identified as being affected by the hurricane. The process for the bulk collection is the same. Call 908-226-2518 for more information or to make an appointment.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan, please don't put words in my mouth (or in my emails). I didn't say the DPW plan "was moved to the bottom of the page, underneath older items." That is your statement, not mine, and it was unethical for you to attribute it to me. When you erroneously reported that the information was no longer on the city's website, all I said was that one would have to scroll down to find it--presumably because LATER rather than OLDER items were added.

Dan said...

Dottie -- First, I was trying to thank you for correcting me.

Second, as for putting words in people's mouths, I said 'toward' the bottom of the page; you put the words 'to the bottom...' in my mouth.

Going back to check, I find this VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE TO RESIDENTS was moved down beneath three MUCH OLDER items: Announcement of the PMUA schedule; flyer for the PMUA Environmental Fair, and the Art Festival slideshow.

As soon as I scrolled down and hit an OLDER ITEM I stopped scrolling and (erroneously, as you so kindly pointed out) stated that it had been taken down.

I shall make a mental note to set aside logical thinking when dealing with how things are prioritized on the city's website henceforth.

joyce antila phipps said...

I haven't seen any DPW pickups in my area and we have many large branches down all up and down the street

joyce antila phipps said...

I haven't seen DPW in the Kensington-martine-Hillside area of town at all

Anonymous said...

Why do you even bother responding to Dottie's BS?

Anonymous said...

there hasnt been any DPW pickup around the cambridge and leland area either... what is going on?