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Friday, May 24, 2013

Were Plainfielders unfair to Rev. Al Sharpton?

Everything about the 2010 WBLS broadcast leads back to Sharon, not Sharpton.
Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs asserts in an online story from the Courier (see here) that her community meeting this evening will --
...provide the community of Plainfield with accurate information. There’s a lot of stuff that has been thrown out over the last three years that was pretty unfair to myself and the Rev. Al Sharpton...
Her Honor is referring, of course, to the huge flap caused by her misappropriation of funds given by Investors Bank for the 2010 July 4 Parade to instead cover expenses to WBLS for the broadcast of the August 1, 2010 community forum (which included a brief appearance by Rev. Al Sharpton).

In the ensuing investigation, Sharpton was only referenced in connection with the event as a participant (as for Plainfield Today, you will find I have only referenced Sharpton twice [see here] but have many references to the WBLS investigation [gathered together here].)

Investors Bank provided testimony in the Council's investigation that the $15,000 check had been cut for July 4 Parade expenses. Investors did not at any point say that it had given Robinson-Briggs permission to apply the funds to any other purpose.

Former City Administrator Bibi Taylor testified concerning the Keystone Cops atmosphere surrounding Robinson-Briggs' attempt to scrape together the funding as a deadline for pre-payment approached (see my report here). The focus of everything is the Mayor's actions, Sharpton is not a part of the story.

No matter where one starts in the whole WBLS broadcast fiasco, all roads lead back to one person: Sharon. And it is Sharon, not Sharpton, whose record is on the line.

And Democrats will make their decision on June 4.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Obviously Sharon's attempt to bring Rev. Al back here is an act of absolute desperation. I hope he sees through this and frankly, I don't think the place will be very crowded.

Bob said...

Let's see if the city Democrats choose hope or disappointment and we all know that Sharon will be a disappointment. God bless us all, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Rev. Sharpton knows about this evening's festivities--it is billed on his website as a community forum, not as a campaign event. I find it fascinating that the mayor would be holding a community meeting to discuss her "5-point plan" at a local bar. It seems to me that a well-planned and well-publicized event would make more sense.

Anonymous said...

Whats an Al Sharpton

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

now you're not only kissing up to Jerry and Bridget, you're kissing up to Rev. Al?
no wonder I remain a registered Republican

Anonymous said...

when you lie down with dogs....