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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Swag from Sharon's Sharpton event shows she fibbed

Swag at Sharpton event shows Sharon fibbed.
Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs went to great lengths to try and portray her Friday event with about 75 attendees and that included a visit by Rev. Al Sharpton as a 'community forum' and not a campaign event.

Swag and handouts made available at the event tell another story. The emery boards and flyers distributed at the event show that it was, indeed, a campaign event after all.

Be reminded of Sharon and sidekick Kim Montford as you file your nails.

The view from Planet Sharon, unencumbered by facts.

Handouts included her standard campaign flyer...

...and a flyer in Spanish with questionable spelling
and a crudely added indication of her ballot position.

The Plainfield Public Schools were very wise to cancel permission to use Washington Community School once they found out Mayor Robinson-Briggs had hoodwinked them about the nature of the event.

Now Robinson-Briggs must show the expenses involved in her campaign reports, including what she paid for renting Faraone's nightclub or, if the space was donated, the equivalent amount as an 'in kind' contribution to her campaign. That is, if she ever files a true account of her campaign activities.

Far as I can see, Sharon fibbed. Again.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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    Anonymous said...

    Again, another classless event. Makes me shake my head and wonder if all the lemmings moved to Plainfield.

    Bob said...

    I had to write Sharpton and let him know what his support of Sharon and his remarks were insulting to me and many in Plainfield. I think others should write him too. You can reach him at:

    Rev. Al Sharpton
    National Action Network
    106 W. 145th St.,
    Harlem, New York 10039

    Let him know what you think about his buying everything he was told by Sharon and he fellow liars.

    Bob Bolmer

    Anonymous said...

    Regardless of whether one supports or does not support the Mayor, calling her a rodent is also classless. "Look at the pot calling the kettle black" comes to mind.

    Anonymous said...

    So happy the Ms. incumbent mayor had such a speedy recovery after not making the debate....remarkable who's her doctor?!?

    Anonymous said...

    I was in attendance at the community forum held on Friday. While I choose not to participate in the mud slinging, that I have seen coming from both camps. I would like to say that the forum was very informative. Rev. Al Sharpton did an excellent job of hitting the proverbial "nail on the head". He remarked, how can we tell our young people not to join gangs, when our political parties are involved in a gang war. It's time that we realize that we have serious problems in Plainfield and it is going to take all of us and not our personal agendas to fix them. A unified Plainfield is what we need, that is the "the best man" for the job.

    Anonymous said...

    To Anon 4:09 am--Plainfield's political "gang wars" don't involve people shooting real bullets and killing others. No comparison!!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for your comment anon 9:48, but we will have to agree to disagree. Either way you look at it the end result will be the same. Whether the weapons are actual guns in the hands of our youth or poltical missiles being fired off between candidates, the real victim is us and both sets of weapondry have the ability to destroy any hope we have for a better future.

    Anonymous said...

    What time did the event finish wasn't after 1 am was it?

    Dan said...

    @ 7:58 AM -- Sharon's event finished about 8:30 PM, as she had agreed to relinquish the bar back to its patrons.....