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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The most/least informative lawn sign ever?

Sometimes too much information is not enough.
Today readers may have noticed the sign above in their journeys around the Queen City.

I was quite puzzled by the first few I saw, since riding by at 15 mph or so, all I could really tell about it was there was a phone number at the bottom, but even that was so small I couldn't take it all in; the rest was a blur of text, text, text.

So, I finally pulled over on busy West 7th Street, put on the blinkers, and walked back to inspect the sign at 7th and Central more closely.

The sign is promoting the Plainfield Public Schools' summer learning camp and in English on one side, Spanish on the other.

It handles information as if it were a flyer to be held in the hand and read slowly, containing every bit of information to be conveyed. Nothing important should be left out. And everything is important, therefore everything should be included.

Unfortunately, when people drive by a sign they only get a moment to take in everything that they must know to decide if it's important to them. If they can't figure it out instantly, they won't spend any time on it.

Too bad, since this is a worthwhile program.

One final note: though you are told more than you need to know about the hours (to drop in?) for the Family Success Center, plus the cryptic '21st CCLC/SBYS', nowhere are the start/end dates for the summer camp given.

I hope they sent flyers home with the kids, because these yard signs aren't going to be much help; sometimes too much information is not enough.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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