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Monday, May 13, 2013

New life for the Coriell Mansion

Two views of the Coriell Mansion in more upbeat days (2002).
Plainfielders have watched with concern the vicissitudes of the Coriell Mansion at the corner of Stelle and Central Avenues over recent decades. Today, the famed property began the road to recovery (again) as the sale of the property closed to two brothers who have recently taken an interest in restoring it as a single-family dwelling.

Quite a number of years ago, it was taken on by former Councilor Rashid Burney, following whom came Olive Lynch, who was going to make it into a Bed-and-Breakfast, like The Pillars down the street, but on a larger scale.

Unfortunately, the housing crash of 2008 brought an end to her project and the house has sat empty and vulnerable ever since, with its magnificent porch shored up in anticipation of a restoration that failed to materialize.

More recently, the property caught the attention of developer Frank Cretella, who saw its possibilities as an event space. Though parking and a liquor license were said to be problems to be solved,  in the end it appears that availability of a reasonably affordable liquor license became a deal-killer.

As one neighbor told me this afternoon, there was much joy and (figurative) dancing in the streets on hearing the news of today's real estate closing.

A hearty welcome to the new owners!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I'm very happy. I wish the new owners much joy with the house. I hope to see it looking fabulous on a VWB house tour one day!

The house being a B&B was my dream. Sometimes dreams, even when you put your best effort, don't come true. But, I believe when one door closes, another opens.

The Coriell Mansion brought me to Plainfield. That, to me, has been the best outcome of it all. I loved living in the neighborhood and the people in it. I can say the same where I'm living now.

That's the best part of this town, not just the wonderful houses, but the people.

Olive Lynch

Anonymous said...

There is a God and he is good

Plainfield Garden Club said...

Mrs. Coriell would be so pleased! Emma Buckle Coriell was the Club's President twice,1938-1940 and then again 1942-1944. To learn more about Emma and her house, visit or this direct link:

Members of the Plainfield Garden Club