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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plainfield Today hacked ... again


Are digital meanies getting back at Dan? Plainfield Today was hacked yesterday, as several readers noted in emails and voicemails. Sometime in the early morning hours, a hacker (or hackers) cracked the very strong password for my Blogger account and deleted the 5,549 posts on Plainfield Today and CLIPS.

I was unaware until I went to check for my daily online delivery of the Courier News, which comes via a link sent to my Gmail inbox. That was when I found out that all things Google had been compromised -- including the blogs, Gmail and other Google programs.

Fortunately, Google -- as it likes to say -- 'has an algorithm for this', meaning that it automatically assumes that a blogger with thousands of posts would hardly be likely to pull the plug on everything at once. So, while the blog posts were invisible to readers, they were all being held in a 'sandbox' pending my verification of the account and that I wished NOT to delete anything.

This is the second time this has happened in the past year. I think the target is Google, and not me personally.

There are many hackers from around the world probing and attacking Google constantly with electronically-generated passwords to try and get into accounts and wreak a little havoc. My number just came up.

As for those who wonder if Mayor Sharon or some of her friends could be responsible, my answer is 'Huh!?' You mean the people that don't know the date on which folks need to vote to keep her in office? Not very likely.

'Information technology', or IT, is just another oxymoron to the Robinson-Briggs team.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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juggler314 said...

If your password is longer than 12 characters and is actually strong (mixed case, numbers and symbols). It's unlikely anyone cracked it as even with a large fraction of global computing power it would take many many months to crack even a 12 character password.

More likely if they didn't reset your password (that is your password still worked) is that some computer you used somewhere was compromised and has a keylogger and they just "watched" you type it in.

If you use google a lot it's a good idea to enable the two factor authentication so you need more than just the password to log in.