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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 public budget hearings set

Public budget hearings give understanding of what is proposed
by the Administration for 2013.
Public hearing dates by the Plainfield City Council on the Robinson-Briggs administration's introduced 2013 annual budget have finally been released, after approval by Council President Bridget Rivers.

The schedule is as follows --


Public Affairs and Safety Wed., May 15 7:00 PM Senior Citizens Center
400 East Front Street
Public Works and Urban Dev Tues., May 21 7:00 PM Senior Citizens Center
400 East Front Street
Administration and Finance Thurs., May 23 7:00 PM Senior Citizens Center
400 East Front Street
General Government / Capital
Budget / Other
Tues., May 28 7:00 PM Senior Citizens Center
400 East Front Street
Special Meeting:
Budget Amendments
Wed.. May 29 7:00 PM City Hall Library
515 Watchung Avenue
Special Meeting:
Public Hearing on Amendments,
Possible Budget Adoption
Tues., June 11 7:30 PM Council Chambers /
325 Watchung Avenue

Members of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee will be present and participate in the hearings. The CBAC will issue its report after the hearings have been held.

Note that there are four hearings, all scheduled for the large meeting room at the Plainfield Senior Center. There will be one special Council meeting, at City Hall Library, for the purpose of making proposed amendments. The special Council meeting constituting a public hearing on any proposed amendments and the expected adoption of the budget are slated for June 11, which is the Council's regular agenda-setting session, and will take place in the Council Chambers/Courtroom.

The public is welcome at all budget deliberation sessions.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Alan Goldstein said...

As a former member of the CBAC I find the shotgun-wedding timing of these hearings and final budget adoption to be unacceptable. Citizen involvement in the budget process, no matter how limited, is better than none, but really.... An annual budget is not an overnight sensation. This turnaround time from appointment to final report makes CBAC's work nearly worthless. It's two seconds to digest, one second to formulate, half a second to write a report, and then the Council gives the committee an eighth of second to make a presentation before voting about a millisecond later. I don't know why they even bother, because it's obvious this isn't taken very seriously. CBAC members probably have better things to do with their time.

Anonymous said...

Weird....they're having an Administration & Finance meeting the day of (May 23) when the seniors are have 5th of pooltable party from 3 to 9....wonder which will he cancelled?! That event tickets have already been sold...

Anonymous said...

Someone ask the Mayor and the Public Safety Director about the BULLSHIT promotions at the Police Department they just had.

Anonymous said...

Get well Soon Sergeant Photo Opp. I hear stress of doing your job getting to you

Anonymous said...

Administration & Finance meeting will NOT be handle at Senior building on May 23!