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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tonight's Mayoral debate: Clash of Titans?

The 2010 fantasy-adventure movie could hardly top Plainfield politics.
Will tonight's debate between Plainfield mayoral candidates incumbent Sharon Robinson-Briggs and challenger Councilor Adrian Mapp be a 'Clash of Titans'? You won't know if you're not there.

The debate, originally planned by the Friends of Sleepy Hollow (FOSH) is now being jointly co-sponsored by the Plainfield chapter of the League of Women Voters. The two-candidate event is technically a forum, since the candidates will be answering questions posed in writing by audience members.

The event will be the only chance voters have this election season to see the candidates face off.

A debate planned earlier this month by Plainfield High School students got snagged in politics at the school district and never came to fruition. For that debate, a date was actually set and candidate Mapp showed up at the appointed time and place only to learn that it had been mysteriously cancelled.

Cancelled by whom was never made completely clear, and when a campaign representative emailed school district officials -- including the students' faculty adviser Jeffrey Truitt -- they were not even given the courtesy of a reply explaining why the event was not being rescheduled.

This is a sad comment on how adults in the school district are failing to be proper role models for our young people -- especially given that the students have shown an abiding interest in participating in the political process and expect to be out in force at tonight's forum.

The forum gets under way at 7:00 PM tonight at the Plainfield Public Library, Park Avenue at 8th Street. League of Women Voters rules apply.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

just goes to show you the relationship between Sharon and the folks who control the Board of Ed--I mean the Campbells, of course.

Anonymous said...

My main concern and bewilderment is the location of this debate. Why in such a small venue? Who's bright idea was that? Do the (right-now) powers that be really think the residents of Plainfield are that naive that we would not want to participate in a mayoral debate? Do the (right-now) powers that be really think that the residents of Plainfield believe Mapp is a sure win because he was offered the line? I for one want to hear what they both have to say before I make any decision on who will get my vote, now and in November. Mapp is not a no-brainer for Mayor, he has to earn the votes like anyone else.
Anonymous 10:06, what does the Campbell's have to do with the debate, get a grip!

Ron said...

Wow can't believe she didn't show. Completely unacceptable to make hundreds of people wait around like that, but nothing new for Madam Mayor. If this doesn't show her supporters her true colors nothing will.

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: as FOSH president and LWV secretary, I answered your question this morning and this afternoon about whether Mayor Robinson-Briggs would attend tonight in the affirmative, because I believed she would, About three months ago, I gave her the date and she said she would be there; the LWV arranged to print her photo, bio and answers to two questions which were distributed tonight. A written statement provided to CN reporter Mark Spivey and more-or-less straignt-down-the-line-of- journalistic integrity Plainfield blogger, (which you ain't) Bernice Paglia ) said the Mayor has been sick for two days. No contact to me as the organizer any time (and I checked my email and phone machine when I got home) that she was sick. The Mayor's campaign people knew under LWV rules, we would cancel if only one candidate appeared. I personally can't vote for either the Mayor or Council Member Mapp in the Democratic primary. Go Sandy Spector. She was there, and had talked to the Mayor's confidential aide Barbara James today. Sandy had no knowledge of the Mayor's illness nor did I. Expect a miraculous recovery for the Rev. Al Sharpton Friday.
I apologize to everyone who turned out tonight, but the FofthePPL sold some books, so all is not lost.