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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Robinson-Briggs to endorse Christie?

Sharon and Christie ... perfect together?

Is Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs preparing to endorse Chris Christie for governor?

While Plainfield Democrats were noshing and swaying to the beat of a Caribbean steel band on Saturday evening at Councilor Mapp's home, breakaway candidate and incumbent mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs is said to have been busy schmoozing it up with her supporters at a fundraiser for Republican Assembly candidate John Campbell Jr. at Plainfield's BUF complex.

Christie has crowed about several Democratic endorsements of his candidacy in recent days, and the Paterson City Council president's endorsement yesterday created quite a stir (see story here).

Campbell's candidacy is just a mosquito-buzz of an annoyance during the Primary, but Robinson-Briggs could return to her GOP roots and endorse Christie for governor.

The question is, how many Democrats are likely to vote for her for mayor in the Primary if she does endorse Christie?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Who cares who Robinson-Briggs endorses? Here's what. If SR-B were running for governor against Christie, who would the majority of Plainfielders vote for? I swear, I don't understand people who vote straight down party lines. It's exactly why Plainfield is stuck with such an incompetent Mayor. I intend to vote for Christie. Does that put me in the same category as Robinson-Briggs?

Nice pic of the Governor BTW ~sarc~

Anonymous said...

gee... More party mouth piece drivel.. will the surprises never end. Are you and the lemurs meeting on election day for your annual "we like each other" fest too? Or are you going to pull your lips off Jerry's butt just this one election day?

Anonymous said...

It was a mighty big crowd at Assembly candidate John Campbell Jr's friendraiser, but Your Honor, Robinson-Briggs was not among them. Actually, neither were you. Your days and nights seem to be mixed up as Mapp's event (which was fun) was on Saturday (and we know because we attended both)Campbell Jr's was Sunday evening at the same time as the Debate (which apparently Sharon attended)

Anonymous said...

If she did that before the Democratic primary, that would be incredibly dumb. But then...we're talking about Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Dan, would you please be a little more responsible and verfiy facts before printing. The Campbell fundraiser was Sunday and believe me when I tell you, Sharon was NOT in attendance.


Anonymous said...

This is the Mayor that Hugs Thugs

Anonymous said...

I bet there's a Campbell sign on Sharon's lawn. Maybe she's getting ready to change parties (again)?

Anonymous said...

Youse all is stupid!

Anonymous said...