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Monday, May 6, 2013

Numbers-challenged Sharon strikes again

Sharon's 'doctored' campaign sign.
Plainfielders are urged by Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs campaign signs to vote for her re-election on June 1, 2013. That would be the Saturday BEFORE the actual election date, which is Tuesday, June 4.

The mistake (if Her Honor even knew a mistake was made) was not caught before the signs were produced, as can be seen on closer inspection. Some have had the '1' turned into a '4' by the addition of a couple of strokes in red enamel, while others have had a specially made '4' reversed in white on red tape, cut and applied over the offending '1'.

Here corrected with red paint...

...and here a little more elegantly with red tape.

Now, anyone who has ever ordered a sign knows that the manufacturer will not actually produce them until the client has reviewed a mock-up for errors and signed-off on same. So Mayor Robinson-Briggs signed off on the incorrectly dated signs.

Robinson-Briggs had a similar mishap with numbers when she stated during her 2009 campaign that she had reduced the homicide rate by 300 percent (see my post on that wrangle here).

In 2009, Sharon magically 'reduced' the homicide rate by 300%.

And this is the woman who is asking voters to put the community into her attentive and competent hands for another four years.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Challenged is a polite way of saying Incompetent! Thanks for the information. It is pretty abvious that the signs were changed when viewed close up. I thought they were from the previous campaign and doctored.

Dan said...

The voting day on her previous trot out was Tuesday, June 2, so I conclude these are not recycled signs but a true f*** up by the f***ing mayor, as she likes to call herself.