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Saturday, April 23, 2011

St. Mary's Good Friday Procession

A giant crucifix, borne on the shoulders of congregants is the procession's focal point.

St. Mary's Church's Good Friday procession has grown greatly over the years since Plainfield photographer Jean Mattson used to chronicle its route from the Plainfield Public Library to the church.

In recent years, the procession has moved its originating point to the plaza in front of the County office building, where I guesstimated this year's crowd in excess of one thousand.

Attendees gather in the plaza, where brief devotions are held before the procession begins.

With guitars and drums, the procession steps off.

Parish youth portray characters in the Good Friday story (Pontius Pilate here),
as well as carrying placards denoting the Stations of the Cross.

Both the Crucifix and the Pieta are borne aloft on the shoulders of parishioners.

Exiting the Park-Madison lot, the procession was escorted by
Plainfield police up Madison Avenue.
I can't help but wonder what will happen when this sleeping giant becomes politically active.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

wish it would soon...

Jackie said...

Thanks for posting these shots, Dan. I always work on Fridays (Good or not) and miss this event in town. Amazing gathering!

Alma Meza said...

For a second there, Dan, I couldn't grasp your last comment, but I think that's definitely on the mind of a lot of Plainfielders too. 'The sleeping voters'. Many are actually registered to vote too, but don't have a clue of the political strife in Plainfield. Just hope that when they do come they will never split as how the Democratic party in Planfield has.