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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jerry will have competition in race for Assembly seat

Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green will have competition in the race for the 22nd District Assembly seat, after all.

When I picked up the PolitickerNJ story on candidate filings on Tuesday (see here), there was no indication whether Plainfield resident the Rev. Shannon Wright had gotten her petition straightened out before the 4:00 PM Monday deadline.

I was informed by way of a comment on the post that in fact she had, and that there is a full Republican slate for the 22nd Legislative District, meaning Jerry, Linda Stender and Nick Scutari will have competition in the November general election.

Here are the lineups as per the Ledger's complete filings (see here)

22nd DISTRICT (Assembly)
  • Jerry Green * (D) Plainfield
  • Linda Stender * (D) Scotch Plains
  • Joan Van Pelt (R) Plainfield
  • Jeffrey D. First (R) Middlesex
22nd DISTRICT (Senate)
  • Nicholas P. Scutari* (D) Linden
  • Shannon Wright (R) Plainfield

Besides Wright, Plainfielder Joan Van Pelt (who sent me the comment) is running for one of the Assembly seats. Joan, of course, is Jim Pivnichny's wife, and a practicing attorney. The other Assembly candidate, Jeffrey First, is a council member for Middlesex Boro.

This will make for an interesting election season!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Keeping It Real said...

PERFECT! Great Opportunity to retire Jerry Green!

Let's do it people! It's time for a new face, any face!

Pat Ballard Fox said...

Well this is interesting! Joan Van Pelt, Linda Stender and I all went to high school together and were in the same graduating class!

Rob said...

This should be a no-brainer election year choice...I mean, look at how INCREDIBLE Plainfield is due to the guiding hand of Jerry Green all these years...2 more terms 2 more terms !!
Economic Stagnation, Crime, Disarray , Oligarchy...what a battle cry!
Gooooooooooooooooo Democrats!
( you know, I bet if we all vote him in again...THIS time it will be different, serious, no kidding, no fooling, 100% change! ) Man of the people for the people...The new New NEW Jerry Green..right?? I can see the Emerald City in the distance right past the next election count. This time the 3rd most powerful person in the NJ State Assembly will deliver for Plainfield.
If you Democrats can't vote Republican for a change, might I suggest writing in Bozo the Clown. At least he would fit in with the Circus in the Mayor's office.

Keeping It Real said...

Just in case Mr. Green doesn't post my comments on his his "blog comments", I would hope that you do: Thank you.

Mr. Green: I took the time to read your comments, as I have in the past and find it to be truly offensive, (that as the "3rd most powerful person" in Trenton - as I believe you continually refer to yourself in public comments) you consistently choose to personally attack and offend other public officials, bloggers, writers and residents that do not support you and your agenda.

Regarding your most recent posting, you claim to know that it is mostly Republicans and Tea Party members who are making those "feel-good" comments (I assume you mean those who make comments not supportive of you).

I would suggest that you make a better attempt to get to know your community and your neighbors. Just becuase they don't support you doesn't mean they're not Democrats or Independents, like myself.

I understand that it is difficult to get the people's work done in government, at any level; however, being a self-described powerful public official in NJ and a resident of Plainfield, one would think that the City of Plainfield would have progressed much further than it has since the riots in the late 60s. Unfortuantely, history tells a different story.

Don't underestimate the voters. You will have opponents in the upcoming election who I know will be able to retire you from service.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is past time for these long term political animals to be shown the door. People of Plainfield better get out and vote, if not the current clowns will continue to rob us blind and feather their own nests. Anyone who has lived in Plainfield for many years cannot help but see nothing and I mean nothing of real value has been brought to the table or been done by these individuals. Money at all levels of government continues to be squandered. I have been out of work for two years yet political hacks such as these continue to feed their faces on our hard work. I want an individual who will not just respond to cronies and special interest groups who fund them. We need someone who will work for all of us living in Plainfield. Make no mistake anyone elected to office will be unable to satisfy everone's need. We need individuals who will work for the GREATER NEED and responsible interests.

Anonymous said...

Let's start a DumpJerryGreen site! That seems to be catchy and effective these days! We can all posts comments and quotes from Green, scan fliers, and letters he's written and document his past actions. If we just gathered all of his documents and listed his comments, he would self destruct. We don't even have to make anything up!

Anonymous said...

Gee Wiz! Now if we could get those folks that normally go in and pull the Dem Line levers and are so fed up with the current leadership to look around the ballot...maybe we would get some different results. What was the quote from Einstein...the definiton of an idiot is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Anonymous said...

Don't only put the blame on the Dems. The Republicans in Plainfield who are silent and just blame the Democrats need to get off their duffs and get out the vote. Plainfield is not the only town who elects Jerry - you have Linden, Rahway and Elizabeth.

Republicans need to galvanize around their candidates - this is the time. While some Democrats may not pull the lever for the R column, many do. Remember what party our Governor belongs to.

Just look at Jerry's voting record on raising taxes - he voted for every one. Get that out, and Joan, I hope to go to your victory party!