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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Plainfield BOE election results

Preliminary results of Wednesday's Plainfield Board of Education election --

Candidate Tally
Edache 851
Surgeon 880
Cathcart 611

Budget Question 518 Yes
445 No

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Shaking my head....

Kate said...

I have voted no on the budget for the last few years. I am tired of watching money go down the drain and nothing being achieved to better the educational opportunities of the students. No matter what the issue with the previous Superintendent, he should have been sent packing sooner, forced to return all the money paid to him, and convicted of crimminal actions with fines and prison. All BOE members who supported him strongly in the beginning should be held accountable and forced to resign for screwing everything up yet again. To the new members you better start doing your jobs and focus on students and a good return for our taxpayer dollars, Failing teachers and administrators should be FIRED and penalized for their failure with loss of benefits up to and including PENSIONS. Unless you hit these losers where it hurts the system will continue to FAIL. The old justifications no longer hold water with us and we will not stand for it anymore without someone being penalized for FAILURE.