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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hidden Plainfield: All in a row houses

These rowhouses are identified as 'L'.

Though Plainfield is not known for its row houses, as are Philadelphia (see here, PDF) and Brooklyn (see here, PDF), we do have several examples scattered throughout the city. Some are rental properties, and some are individually owned units.

Having gone to college in a mid-size Pennsylvania city laid out by William Penn that was perhaps 90% rowhouses, and then spending many years in Brooklyn, which is full of rowhouse neighborhoods (there referred to as brownstones), I had quite forgotten about them on moving to New Jersey. In Plainfield, they must actually be sought out.

While we do have a fine example of Philadelphia-style rowhouses, on East Second Street across from Union County College (only marred by the enclosure of the ubiquitous columned front porches to serve as additional rooms), I wanted to find some examples that might be considered a little more 'hidden'.

These are photo 'P'.

These are photo 'D'.

These are photo 'F'.
Accordingly, four sets, one from each ward. The photos are coded P, L, F and D. Can you  identify the wards and/or more specifally the streets on which these are found?

Answers tomorrow.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I'd recognize those "bumblebee rowhomes," as I like to call them, anywhere. They're on the 600 block of New Street. -Mark

Anonymous said...

...and I could be wrong, but I think the next photo down (photo "P") is from Johannis Place in the West End. -Mark again

Dorrie Neisel Johnson said...

Are the pictures in letter D off Watchung Ave and what would be the continuation of 8th Street but I think has another name?

Anonymous said...

L= I think Liberty P=somewhereout by the inspection station West 2nd??? D=Franklin Place F= E 3rd by St. Mary's cemetary

Anonymous said...

These houses are on 2nd street before Roosevelt Avenue

Anonymous said...

Isn't it peculiar that the row house was not more common in the Queen City. Maybe having detached homes for workers is what made the city so desirable a place to live in its industrial period. You seemed to cover every block of row houses except New Street at 4th which still has the typical open front porches. I had to think hard about locations, but here is my list:

L 3rd Ward ?
P 4th Ward Johannis Place
D 2nd Ward off of Franklin Place
F 1st Ward East Third Street

Michael Townley said...

P - ? I know I've seen it, but can't remember where. Must be in East End.

L - New Street between W6 and W7

F - So Second west of Clinton

D - Franklin Avenue next to former Catherine Webster Home for Ladies.

Anonymous said...

L is the 600 block of new street!