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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mayor debuts as Acting City Administrator tonight

Loretta Young got a new dress, a new hairdo,
a new staircase and a new drama each week.
Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs debuts in her new role as acting city administrator at tonight's Council agenda-setting session.

This may not be as much fun as one might think, since Mayor Robinson-Briggs will have to stay at the table and answer the Council's questions, no matter how long the night or how hot the seat becomes.

Her tenure as
acting city administrator will surely not be as glamorous as Loretta Young's appearances in her wildly popular 1950s TV series, where each week she descended a staircase in a different designer outfit, complete with wig or hairdo, to host a dramatic story in which Young played the star role.

Tonight's agenda doesn't contain much about which the Council is likely to have questions (Constables -- introduced yet again, with an addition; and rejiggering the UEZ request for funding four police officers) of the mayor. Then there is the matter of whether the Mayor expects to be remunerated for her services (which is not on the agenda, but may come up).

But this is only her first foray.

Will Her Honor's acting role be a short run?

She says she supposes so, but without having planned far enough ahead to take over from acting city administrator Dan Williamson in a timely manner, one has to wonder.

Special Meeting (Emergency Appropriation)
Agenda Session

Tonight · April 4 · 7:30 PM

City Hall Library
515 Watchung Avenue
Parking and entry at rear of building

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

That is the only POSITIVE part of having the Mayor as the acting City Administator. She will be at the meeting!

olddoc said...

Loretta young was one of the most beautiful Hollywood stars of the 40-50s. She had an equally gorgeous sister, Sally Blaine (?).

Rob said...

Answers questions ???
Like she answered the WBLS issue??
Like she answered the Monarch condo fee issue??

Don't worry, if she starts getting mad and pounding her fists and crying Reid, Rivers and Greaves will be there to hold her hand, stroke her hair and whisper that "everyone loves you" in her ear.

True American Patriot said...

We are all better off now than we were before . . . . LMAO :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dan -I can't wait til your next post. I have to SCREEEEEEEEEEAAM NOW!!!

I can't believe I witnessed tonight's emergency council meeting!!!!