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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dems meet to hear Jerry's picks tonight

On the agenda at tonight's Plainfield Democratic City Committee meeting will be the revelation of Jerry's brackets for the June primary, where Ward 2 and Wards 1/4 nominees are up, plus the entire 68-seat City Committee. Vera Greaves is expected to be the Wards 1/4 pick.

Among those rumored to be on the Assemblyman's short list for Ward 2 are --
  • Owen Fletcher, once Assemblyman Green's legislative aide and now on the Legislature's staff. Though he established a campaign committee in November and spoke to me privately about a run last fall, he has not been seen at a public meeting in recent months. Blogging at Plainfield Tomorrow, his last blog post is from early December. Is he an active possibility?

  • Tony Rucker, blogging at The Queen City Progressive, has already announced his candidacy for the Ward 2 seat and made an unfocused, if impassioned, speech at last night's Town Hall meeting. He ran against, and was defeated by, Cory Storch in the last Ward 2 race. Will he be Jerry's guy or run as an independent?

  • Danielle Bush, a Ward 2 resident and political newcomer who is a friend of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, has launched a blog at Bush For Plainfield. Her substantial healthcare-related background is here; she is also an ordained minister serving at Ruth Fellowship Ministries. Is she searching the godfather's blessing or planning to go it alone as an independent?
This roster does not take into account the New Dems slate, of which more later.

Assemblyman Green will also update the committee on the new 22nd Legislative District, which is also the old 22nd District (see the redistricting map and data here).

Tonight's return to the YMCA brings the PDCC full circle, as it used to meet there for many years before moving to the YWCA during Addy Bonet's tenure at the YMCA.

Guests are always welcome, though the privilege of the floor is reserved to committee members and those who are given permission to speak by Chairperson Green in advance of the meeting.


Thursday - April 7 - 7:00 PM

518 Watchung Avenue (corner of East 6th Street)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

in a nutshell...who does Jerry think will listen to Sharon and him...
That's who Jerry will choose. NOT who is best for the seat, not who will represent the people..but who will represent Sharon and Jerry.
So, we shall see whom Jerry feels will be his new puppet to join the 3 already there..

Anonymous said...

Rob --

So when Cory had the line 4 years ago was he "Jerry's puppet"?

When Rebecca admitted she asked for the line -- was she planning to dance to Jerry's tune?

No to both of these.

ANYONE running for office wants the line.

When I ran several years ago against Adrian and Don, if the democratic party had offered me the line -- I would have taken it -- I very much think for myself.

Just because someone gets the line doesn't automatically mean they can't think for themselves.

Also, New Dems aren't the only independent democrat thinkers.

There are a number of democrats, such as myself, that are independent of both groups. I don't hate either one. I agree with either, neither or both, depending on the issue.

I think voters should make their decisions based on the individual -- not by party faction or by party line.

Olive Lynch

Anonymous said...

you rupublican's are just angry that they will not listen to you guys. This is 2011 get over it no more will lynch syndrome SORRY

Anonymous said...

Rucker, Bush, Storch. Rucker and Bush split the non new democrat vote. Storch wins.

Rumor is Rucker, Bush, Storch and Jim Spear run. Spear spoils the race and either Rucker or Spear wins.

That's what I heard.

Prof. Williams said...

Just a clarification to Olive:

"When Rebecca admitted she asked for the line..."

I didn't "admit" to asking Jerry Green for the line. To say that I "admitted" suggests that I was denying something and finally had to be forced to "admit" it. I knew when I told Jerry that he should give me the recommendation for the line (and he certainly knew I was joking--ask him) that he would NEVER have given it to me. That's what my asking was about. I had the opportunity to go before the city committee to ask for the line. When I stood before them about a year ago to pitch myself, I thought that the committee members would VOTE on the candidates, the chairman's recommendation notwithstanding. Well, just as you saw last night, there was no vote. So, please, make sure you clarify your statement--and you were not there last year, I don't think.


Rob said...

I keep reviewing what I wrote in those 3 sentences and cannot once find the following things:
- That someone seeking the line was a puppet of Jerry's.
- That someone seeking the line was not and independent thinker.
- That someone who gets the line is not an independent thinker.

I stated, " in a nutshell...who does Jerry think will listen to Sharon and him...
That's who Jerry will choose. NOT who is best for the seat, not who will represent the people..but who will represent Sharon and Jerry"

I also stated, " So, we shall see whom Jerry feels will be his new puppet to join the 3 already there.."

I don't see where I wrote that because Jerry likes you in the nomination process or during the entire election cycle that it makes you his puppet.

As flattered as I am that you took the time to attempt to read past what I wrote I assure you it was a waste of your energy and time.

Tony Rucker received Jerry's magic touch. I don't think that makes him less of an intriguing, viable and interesting candidate. I did however state that obviously, JERRY BELIEVES he's got another one in the pocket. If Tony wins, and can get up in the morning, look himself in the mirror and have no issue being Jerry's stooge, then that's what Jerry will get.
If Tony believes he is someone with vision, who believes new ideas and energy geared toward serving the entire community with a strong sense of personal pride then we, the city of Plainfield will benefit.
Not Jerry and Sharon.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected Rebecca! Thank you for clarifying.

I've never been to the committee meeting before .. it definitely was interesting last night.

I've heard different things .. when Al McWilliams was chair, did he open up nominations for vote, or did he make the decision as well, given the chair's powers? I've heard Al acted in the same way as Jerry (again I wasn't there, but that's what I've heard).

If that is the case, then someone who is elected by the majority of the committee (a democratic process, yes?, given those individuals are elected to their positions) to the chair position has been empowered by the process to do what Mr. Green did.

Do different towns do things differently?

Rob -- the written word is a tricky thing, isn't it? I inferred from your comment anyone "blessed" by the Assemblyman would be expected to act only to further Jerry and Sharon's agendas.

What you just wrote "If Tony wins, and can get up in the morning, look himself in the mirror and have no issue being Jerry's stooge, then that's what Jerry will get." -- aren't you meaning by Tony taking the line he's "Jerry's stooge"?

Why would Tony (or anyone, like Cory 4 years ago) be "Jerry's stooge" taking the line?

Debate and discussion is a good thing -- I appreciate it, and I think that's what Plainfield needs more of. Discussion of issues, prioritization, and figuring how the heck to solve our problems -- we need more of this.

I think everyone in office wants to do the right thing and is a good person. But, unfortunately, they may or may not have the skills needed or are up to the task. Every level of government is struggling.

I just wish people would stop wasting time pointing fingers and blaming why we are where we are, and just get down to making the hard choices that need to be made (even if they are politically unpopular), and take action.

I agree with Cory's comment last night -- the election should be based on the issues. Incumbants should be judged on their record and what he wants to accomplish in the next 4 years. New candidates need to be judged if they have the skill and will to fight the uphill battle to improve things in Plainfield.

Olive Lynch