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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hate flyer author's ID just mouse clicks away?

Header of the hate-filled flyer distributed throughout City Hall Monday.
The anonymous perpetrator of the hate-filled flyer circulated throughout Plainfield City Hall on Monday could be unmasked with a few simple mouse clicks, according to anonymous tips shared via yesterday's Plainfield Today post (see here). The flyer was an attack on Councilors Annie McWilliams, Adrian Mapp, Cory Storch (they couldn't get his name right) and Rebecca Williams.

The incident was covered by the Courier's beat reporter Mark Spivey in a story in today's print edition (see here).

Seems that every single copy of a document printed on a color laser printer has its serial number encoded on the piece, according to an article on the Electronic Frontiers Foundation's website (see here).

When color laser printers became so good that they were beginning to be used by counterfeiters, the Secret Service (which is responsible for combating counterfeiting) worked with manufacturers to develop the encoding process, which allows investigators to track the copier to its owner.

This technology would immediately reveal whether or not the 'Scarlet Letter'  hate piece was printed on a City of Plainfield color copier, and if so, which one.

Another anonymous tip revealed that these large copiers associate a job number with each image scanned in for printing and store that information in the machine's memory, where it is intact and recoverable by authorities. This would include the user identification number of the person who logged on to print the copies.

Additionally, if the document were composed on a computer linked to the copier's network, the identity of the computer would also be captured.

I may have to eat my words about the Union County Prosecutor's office being too busy to attend to this matter.

Technology may have made this an easy nut to crack.

And if it turns out the perp is a City employee and used taxpayer-funded resources for this little escapade, they could be looking at termination or worse.

Also, if the 'Scarlet Letter' was mailed to anyone, the Postal Service's investigations unit would get involved. So, if you received a copy in the mail from the perp, be sure to save it -- along with the envelope in which it came -- and log on to the Postal Inspection Service website (, where you can download a form to begin a USPS investigation.

Quick action by the Mayor/Acting City Administrator to involve the Prosecutor's Office will show Plainfield is committed to civil discourse and opposed to hate speech.

You can view a copy of the
'Scarlet Letter'below, which I have provided online only so readers can see the outrageousness of this attack.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the rantings of another Plainfield blogger who continuously attacks the bloggers mentioned as well as using the "gay" card. Maybe his copier should be checked as well.

True American Patriot said...

No wonder all you bloggers got angry . . . right , wing racists?
We all know that you are extreme leftist commy, fascist socialists out to destroy not only this city, but this country by infiltrating your evil minions into the highest reaches of government!
As far as the Mayor and the Council, they are just ineffective and impotent . . . their favorite endeavor is a game called "Passin' the Buck"!

As far as to the author of the Scarlet Letter . . . Is that the best you can do? You had better look into some new career options you have no chance in the literary world or in politics!
Ever think of becoming a professional paid guinea pig for psychotropic drug evaluations?
All the energy wasted on this BS while Rome . . . I mean the Queen City burns!
PS- I thought the Queen City was Cincinnati?

Bob said...

What if the perp is the mayor?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that while this individual hits just about every offensive button available to man, he/she also makes a few very good points. 1 Why would any black person WANT to go back to "Queen City /Jim Crow" days? Excellent point. 2 Annie is a child and has NO idea what it is like to try and balance work and family and pay bills and manage a household. She is a smart girl with a very interesting and productive life ahead of her, but I have always thought she is unqualified for this type of position.
3 I have always found an elitist attitude coming from some of the named councilpersons, and as a result, have found myself disenfranchised from the process altogether.
In summary, if this person could make a coherent point without being inflammatory, racist and homophobic, somebody might find a starting point for a meaningful discussion. Unfortunately such blatant hate speech has no place in the public conversation, and I believe this individual has stepped over the line from offensive to illegal.
I hope someone finds him/her and exposes them.

Anonymous said...

This could have been written in a manner that could have opened up a good debate. However, it seems the original intent was only to troll and hurt those who serves our community.


Anonymous said...

FYI- I have already provided a copy to the Union County Human Relations Commission who has made a referral to the Prosecutor's Office Bias Crime Unit. I have received 3 e-mails from them since yesterday morning. Although no promises have been made yet, the quick response surprised me. If the Mayor had any foresight she would ask the Prosecutor's Office to take a look so she could pretend to be the hero. It is too bad that she doesn't have the brains to pretend to care. This is certainly not over yet. The infantile school yard type comments were laughable and seem written by a 3rd grader, but the homophobic comments may possibly rise to a criminal level. I will remain anonymous for now for obvious reasons.

I encourage others to contact the Union County Human Relations Commission
Phone: 908-889-9028 | Fax: 908-889-9653 or 908-527-4625
E-mail: | Address: Union County Human Relations Commission c/o Union County Prosecutor’s Office, 32 Rahway Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07202

Rob said...

anytime you use more than 1 color in your text you lose your audience.
It's written semi-illiterate with all sorts of stupid things going all over the place and making no sense,so yes, Jerry could be someone to suspect ( or his writer ) to be sure. There were no "victim" statements and crying so we KNOW for a fact it wasn't written by Sharon. Per the title, "The Scarlet Letter", how gay was the title anyways?? Closet case?? Hellooooo, your momma certainly hasn't told you what she and everyone else suspects. Need an "on the sly" Craigslist thing, contact the Police Department for the address in Clifton for a good "therapist", he'll loan you the city vehicle and computer to help you too!
Ok...if all 4 members of the City Council who aren't nursing on Jerry or Sharon's teat and actually think as opposed to asking Jerry and Sharon what to think makes them "gay and lesbian elitist" why can't I be invited to those parties ?? I comment on your blogs enough.
To the sure are must work for either Jerry or Sharon because we know they are the type of people that can't have anyone smarter than them working for them..and we know those 2 are not exactly the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree. You def make the Sharon, Jerry, Reid, Rivers and Greaves look even more stupid by your letter.
This is what most people call - " Not wanting your help."
Investigation??? HA...Sharon Robinson-Briggs hasn't the balls God gave a kitten to look herself honestly in the face much less find out who wrote this AND do something about it.
I still don't believe Doc's a hundred.
I think Maria's spelling not bad for a second language.

Rob said...

And I thought you stood on a soapbox, not polished it.
In the context they used 'School Board' it shouldn't have been capitalized. ( speaking of Maria's grammar .. HELLO )
There is a period missing after "lying fat faggot".
And don't you sit on a council not in a council???
Also: What's the Mayor being an African American woman got to do with her being an absolute complete hot mess ? She's stupid, unorganized and about as professional as a group of first year girl scouts..what's her race got to do with anything. ( Me thinks the author of the letter is not only a closet homosexual but a closet racist -- this gets better all the time ! )
And: "it truly shows that they are a bunch of spineless, sniveling, selfish, sellouts whose interest lies not with Plainfield City ( as opposed to Plainfield Village, Plainfield Heights, Plainfield Farms, Plainfield Manor ??? ) but in covering their sorry asses" :Yes, I too agree, Reid, Rivers and Greaves have proven that each time they ask Sharon how to vote.

And the reason I suspect I know who it is because of the following sentence as well as the stupid "Plainfield City" comment-
" Here is another piece of information which sticks in the craw"
...there is only one female blogger in Plainfield who writes stupid things like that...and her fast mouth, slow brain and stupid accusations are well known. Maybe she's getting a little too much Recreation....I'm just saying..
Title this," The Azure Letter" please....

True American Patriot said...

What blogger could that be 7:56?

Anonymous said...

Wiki definition of elitist:

Elitism is the belief or attitude that some individuals, who form an elite — a select group of people with intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes — are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight or those who view their own views as so; whose views and/or actions are most likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom render them especially fit to govern.[1]

And heck, "gay", used to be a term to describe someone having fun and happy!

Doesn't sound so bad to be called happy people who are smart and are fit to govern ...

Isn't it interesting the author of the letter ends with "the three voices must go" .. and forgets Rebecca?

Anonymous said...

Rob if that letter was hate mail then your comment is equally so. You did the same thing the writer of that despicable letter did only about different people.

All of you should look up the LEGAL definition of "hate" mail and biased crimes. This doesn't pass the mustard. Anon 10:48 is wasting her time.

Calling someone gay, fat, smelling, too young doesn't fit the bill.

Embarassing, rude, crude and in some instances true-absolutely.

calling names and spewing forth rudeness is what Dan, TAP, Rob, and many of you do all the time.

Looks like the glass houses are shattering. Watch out for those sharp shards!

Anonymous said...

How utterly ironic that you don't seem to see that every comment you post is a least as offensive, racist, personally insulting and hateful as this yearly diatribe. And Dan seems to have no problem disseminating your infernal emmissions EVERY DAY! I find you far more offensive than Mr. Scarlet.
Get some self awareness brother.

Anonymous said...

The author of this letter may be an abject coward, but you cannot argue with his/her incisive analysis of what is wrong with Plainfield. It is the gay and lesbian elite that is the cause of the City's crime, that swarm the streets at night digging up potholes, that is responsible for the performance of the public schools, that has populated South Avenue with crappy fast food franchises, and is generally responsible for declining property values throughout the City, particularly in Netherwood...Huh?

Rob said...

Hey "MIKE"
offensive, racist, personally insulting and hateful :

- To the woman and man wasting taxpayer money everyday on building their personal fiefdom : YOU'RE only correct on personally insulting and offensive which when you have your name on something at least shows I have the stones to do it.
I am not racist, closet or otherwise, nor do I waste taxpayer money on personal projects, pet employees or schemes.
Jerry and Sharon and their hanger-ons don't like be stared at with a microscope by the very people they are charged to SERVE then LEAVE. Stop doing me and the other taxpayers of Plainfield the "HONOR" of being in office.
If they are so grand, so valuable, so intellectually desirably...GO.
I am sure some Fortune 500 company is just waiting to hire a former Mayor who couldn't hire someone in an economy with an almost 10% unemployment rate. Or Assemblyman who's only contribution to Plainfield has been watching a hospital close whilst he "bragged about how powerful and influential" he is.
And, you may want to read hate while you are stroking Jerry and Sharon's hand hoping one day to be helped up from the tatters of everyday living but I don't hate Jerry, Sharon or their Cheerleading 3. My time, my emotions, my life is far too valuable to waste it on hate for those who are that contemptible. They will be judged by their actions and it won't be me who does it.
Go vote for Sharon again and see if you can buy her math that she can reduce something by 300% as she is going to need her magic math this year, unless you are that daft to believe everything she says.
( I are, it's ok )

Anonymous said...

9:00 pm There you have it! THE GAY AGENDA REVEALED! lololol!!!

Anonymous said...

In response to 3:03 pm,

I, too, was curious about the fact that I was left off the closing portion of the letter. It suggests to me that more than one individual had a hand in drafting it, that it went back and forth as they "refined" its hateful content, and that no one "proofed" it before it was reproduced. This means that its digital imprint exists on multiple computers--we shall see.


Anonymous said...

4:51: Could you please pass the mustard, and the ketchup?


Anonymous said...

You all suspect someone employed by the City. But I have other suspects. "fat", "smelly" and "gay"? Look for a 7th grader with access to City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who doesn't believe that this investigation will be taken any more seriously than a long list of questionable activities that failed to generate a legal response?

Plainfield is like a political Bermuda Triangle where all consequences vanish mysteriously in a fog that defies time and space.