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Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Plainfield Board of Ed will have plenty on its plate

Congratulations to Plainfield Board of Ed election winners Jameelah Surgeon, Alex Edache and Dorien Hurtt.

With their election on Wednesday (see results here), the Grand Slam team has consolidated a definitive majority on the Board. Counting ally Lisa Logan-Leach, the current Board president, there is now a 7-2 balance on the nine member Board.

Best wishes to the winners as they assume their places at the table and join in tackling the many challenges facing the Board.

Having lost more than one seventh of its enrollment to charter schools over the past decade and with continuing problems with student achievement,
leadership turnover, excessive administrative ratios, staff stability, pressure on state aid and property taxes, and a paradoxical overcrowding and excess capacity at the same time, the District certainly has its plate full of challenges.

To deal with all these challenges, the District has an admirable mission statement --

The Plainfield Public Schools
In partnership with its community
Shall do whatever it takes for
Every student to achieve
High academic standards
No alibis, No excuses, No exceptions!

As Renata so correctly says, 'Now let the REAL work begin!'

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Kenneth Schuman said...

Dan seems like there is another persptive on the Grand Slam's agenda.